The "CVGIS Project" described in this section is the GIS project installed with the CVGIS installer.

opened when CVGIS starts.
the default path/file name for this project file is c:\cvgis\1\cvgis.gis.


This section reviews the structure of the CVGIS project.

provides illustrative views of what you can do with any CVGIS version
see topics list below


See related sections:

Table of Contents and CVGIS feature overview
Main User Interface
Select from other wide-ranging ready-to-use GIS projects/filesets

  ..  see mapping statistical data


CVGIS Start-up View using the default CVGIS project




The above CVGIS view shows 10 layers checked in the legend panel at left of the map window.

a layer check box must be checked to appear in the map window.
layers appear in the map window as ordered in the legend panel.
all layers in the CVGIS project are listed in the table below.
with CVGIS running, use the legend scroll bar to scroll down and view all layers in the project


Narrative Description of the CVGIS Project

The CVGIS project includes a set of shapefiles, with varying types of geography and scope of subject matter, focused on the Dallas, TX area.


Seq   NameLayer Source File Notes
1   States1cb_2015_us_state_500k.shp U.S. by State States
2   CSAscb_2015_us_csa_500k_48.shp Combined Statistical Areas - Texas
3   CBSAs TXcb_2015_us_cbsa_500k_48.shp Core-Based Statistical Areas Texas
4   Cities/Places TXplaces2015pts_48.shp Cities/Places - Texas
5   Primary Roadstl_2016_us_primaryroads.shp Primary Roads -- U.S.
6   Roads Dallas Countyc:\cvgis\1\tl_2016_48113_edges.shp Edges/Roads -- Dallas County, TX
7   Counties1cb_2015_us_county_500k_48.shp Counties -- Texas
8   Counties Namescb_2015_us_county_500k_48.shp Counties -- Texas -- Names
9   Counties Codecb_2015_us_county_500k_48.shp Counties -- Texas -- Code
10   Counties2cb_2015_us_county_500k_48.shp Counties -- Texas -- %PopChg
11   OSMmapquest openstreetmaps tiles.ttkwp OpenStreetMaps Tiling Layer
12   States2cb_2015_us_state_500k.shp U.S. by State
13   Places TXcb_2015_48_place_500k.shp Cities/Places -- Texas -- polygon
14   K12 Schoolssch1415_48.SHP K-12 Schools -- Texas -- points
15   Whole Foodswflist_tx.shp Whole Foods -- Texas -- points
16   Trader Joestjlist_tx.shp Trader Joe's -- Texas -- points
17   Starbucksstarbucks_dallas.shp Starbucks -- Texas -- points
18   Blocks 48113tl_2016_48_tabblock10_113.shp Census 2010 Blocks -- Texas -- polygons
19   Blockgroupstl_2016_48_bg_113.shp Census 2010 BlockGroups -- Texas -- polygons
20   Tractscb_2014_us_tracts_500k_acs1014_48.shp Census 2010 Census Tracts -- Texas -- polygons
21   ZIP Code Areastl_2014_us_zcta510_dallasarea.shp ZIP Code Areas -- Texas -- polygons
22   School Districtsus_sd_201314_2015_48.SHP School Districts -- Texas -- polygons
23   PUMA 2010puma2010gz_48.SHP Public Use Microdata Areas -- Texas -- polygons
24   CD 114cb_2015_us_cd114_500k_acs2015_48.SHP 114th Congressional Districts -- Texas -- polygons
25   World by Countryworld2016_base.shp World by Country


ACS Item/Fields Descrptions


Topics list for views shown below

Reference View of a Metro Area
Reference View of a Metro Area - Adding a City
Sequence of Views Illustrating Small Area Geography Drill-down

  - roads & business locations

  - census tracts

  - block groups

  - census blocks

  - ZIP code areas

Schools & School Districts
State by County Thematic Map
State by Census Tract Thematic Map
U.S. by State
World by Country
World Region by Country


The following views have been developed to illustrate how this project can be used.


Reference View of a Metro Area

Unchecking three county layers (compare to default view at top)

Checking on Base Layer



Reference View of a Metro Area - Adding a City

As above, shifting cities layer up and checking cities layer on

A query is placed on the city layer to show only Dallas city with blue cross-diagonal pattern.



Sequence of Views Illustrating Small Area Geography Drill-down

- roads & business locations

Zoom-in to University Park/Highland Park (blue bold) within Dallas County

Illustrates shifting (sliding layers in legend panel) layers

Checking on Roads and Starbucks




Sequence of Views Illustrating Small Area Geography Drill-down

- census tracts

Census tracts have bold black boundaries and show census tract code



Sequence of Views Illustrating Small Area Geography Drill-down

- block groups

Block groups have black boundaries



Sequence of Views Illustrating Small Area Geography Drill-down

- census blocks

Census blocks have gray boundaries



Sequence of Views Illustrating Small Area Geography Drill-down

- ZIP Code areas

ZIP code areas have red boundaries and labeled with ZIP code.



Schools & School Districts

Dallas County area school districts (black boundaries)  & schools (blue triangle markers)

Dallas ISD shown with red cross-hatch pattern



State by County Thematic Map

Zoom out to region encompassing Texas

Texas by county thematic map



State by Census Tract Thematic Map

View as above, sliding the $MHI by tract layer up and checking it on

Texas by census tract thematic pattern map



U.S. by State

Zoom out to US 48 state view

Base Layer checked on

Texas by County layer checked on



World by Country

As above, zoom out to world view.



World Region by Country

As above, World by country layer shifted up.

Shows country boundaries.



As above, zoom into Europe.

World by Country country code used as label




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