With CV in operation, existing projects may be opened using the File>Open operation.


All shapefiles or other layer-eligible files must be available in the specified folder.


When the project file is opened, the mapview panel shows the composite view of all layers as specified by attributes of the project file.


Changes made to existing projects are only saved with the same name if File>Save Project is used before exiting.  If the project file is not saved during operations, the same start-up view will appear the next time this project is opened.


Caution should be used when saving project files to the same name.  It is sometimes difficult to undo changes that have been made to a project file and restore the view to an earlier version.


Project filesets provided with the CVXE package installer are listed below.  These projects may be opened/used by CV XE Viewer and all Levels.


Projects included.  

US1.GIS -- the CV XE default start-up project.  See detailed description.
K-12 Schools Project -- see video
Metro focused projects (derived from US1.GIS with added layers)
oSan Diego
oSan Diego 2 -- alternate project focusing on banking application
oWashington, DC
Base Project
World1.GIS includes global country and city shapefiles.  See detailed description.


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