K-12 School Analytics


K-12 School Analytics

Content, structure and use of the "us1_k12_ks.gis" project.


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This video uses:

.. CV XE GIS software

.. US1_K12_KS.GIS project (placed on your computer by CV XE GIS installer).


Related resources:

.. about GIS

.. about the US1_K12_KS project .. in this guide

.. main: Children's Demographics & K-12 Education Analytics

.. school district demographic-economic interactive tables:

  - General Demographics

  - Social Characteristics

  - Economic Characteristics

  - Housing Characteristics  

.. K-12 public schools interactive table

.. K-12 private schools interactive table


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Topics reviewed in video:

.. about the us1_k12_ks.gis project

  This project is built on the US1 Project and includes these additional layers:

  These files are for the state of Kansas but are available for all states.

    Public Schools                        ccdsch1617_ks.shp

    Private Schools                        pss1516_pupts_ks.shp

    School District Trends                cb_2017_us_sd_500k_sdtrends1017_ks.shp

    School District Admin                cb_2017_us_sd_500k_ccd1617_ks.shp

    School District ACS                cb_2017_us_sd_500k_acs175_ks.shp

   School District Finances                cb_2016_us_sd_sdfa16_ks.shp

.. school district patterns and trends

.. relating neighborhood demographics to schools and school districts

.. relating cities to school districts


Important geographic, demographic & economic characteristics at your fingertip:


Kansas is home to 20 metropolitan areas

shapefile: cb_2017_us_cbsa_500k_popest2018.shp


105 counties

shapefile: cb_2017_us_county_500k_popest2018.shp


627 incorporated cities .. 35 over 10,000 2018 pop

shapefile: cb_2018_us_place_500k_popest2018.SHP


671 cities & places (CDPs) with extended demographics

shapefile: CB_2018_US_PLACE_500K_acs2017.shp


1530 townships with time series population estimates+

shapefile: tl_2018_20_cousub.shp

View/download this all Kansas places and subcounty estimates file

.. with intersecting geographic parts

.. on your computer: c:\cvxe\1\pop1018_place_subcounty_ks.dbf

.. related documentation:

040 = State

050 = County

061 = Minor Civil Division

071 = Minor Civil Division place part

157 = County place part

162 = Incorporated place


1180 census tracts which equivalence neighborhoods in many areas

shapefile: cb_2017_us_tract_500k_acs2017.shp


286 school districts and their administrative, demographic, economic characteristics

shapefile: cb_2017_us_sd_500k_sdtrends1017_ks.shp


1330 public schools with ~489,306 enrollment (school)

.. 494,062 (school district) enrollment,

.. 33,446 full time teachers (school) or 35,652 teachers (school district)

shapefile: ccdsch1617_ks.shp


173 private schools

shapefile: pss1516_pupts_ks.shp


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