A selection of videos is being progressively developed and updated. This section provides a summary of videos available or scheduled.  These videos are focused on using the CV XE GIS software, data analytics tools and methods, and accessing and using geographic, demographic, economic data.  Click a link to view video section.


Getting Started with CV XE GIS
Using the US1 GIS Project
Legend and Layer Editor
Layer Editor - Part 2
Building a GIS Project
Adding Layers
File Operations
Using GeoGateway
GeoGateway: Blocks
Using APIGateway
Database Operations
Tools Operations
Find Shape Based on Attribute
Find Address/Location-Based Demographics
Site Analysis
Using the TIGER Digital Map Database


Using Situation & Outlook Estimates & Projections


K-12 School Analytics
Using the Chicago Metro GIS Project
Using the Miami Metro GIS Project


CV XE GIS Performance


Designing a GIS Project


Editing a Shapefile Object
Using API Tools to Access/Download Census 2010 Block Data
Integrating Data into Shapefiles using Census API


Using State Legislative District Layers & Data
Using Census Block Layers & Data
Using Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) Layers
Creating Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) Custom Tabulations
PUMA Geospatial Analysis


Creating Comparative Analysis Profiles
Using Census Tracts versus ZIP Codes
Demographic-Economic Estimates & Projections
Examining Migration Patterns


Accessing & Integrating Federal Statistical System Data
Census 2010 Data Access & Use
American Community Survey Data Access & Use
Building Permits, Residential Construction & Housing Market


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