Using the CV XE GIS Site Analysis  (Analytics>SiteAnalyst).


The SiteAnalyst feature is available with CV XE GIS Level 2 or 3 higher


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This video uses:

.. CV XE GIS software

.. US1.GIS project (placed on your computer by CV XE GIS installer).


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.. about the US1 GIS project .. in this guide

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Topics reviewed in video:

.. SiteAnalyst feature is available with CV XE GIS Level 2 or 3 higher

.. what is the SiteAnalysis feature?

  - a CV XE GIS feature used to visually select and and group geographic objects.

     e.g., point, block groups, tracts, counties.  

.. why use the SiteAnalysis feature?

  - extract/analyze a certain set of geographic points, lines or areas

  - create "Site Reports"

.. using the SiteAnalysis feature.

  - start Site Analysis using Analytics>SiteAnalyst (from Main Menu)

  - open the GIS project to be used.


Have an objective in mind.

- comparing demographics of two adjacent two county groups

1. Start SiteAnalysis

2. Select a Layer

- set the overall view - use zoom in this example

- dbl-click county layer name in legend panel

3. Select Key Field -- dbl-click geoid in upper right panel - shows in statusbar

4. Select Items to Summarize -- several population estimates fields

5. Start Processing

- confirm Select button active

- click mouse down and select two counties

- input box appears for name of this "saved records file" - default: c:\cvxe\1\$$siterecs.dbf

6. Examining Results

7. Using View File

8. Adding a different, second "site"

9. Review of related operations

10. Ending SiteAnalysis



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