Find Shape Based On Layer Attribute


Using the CV XE GIS Tools>Find Shape Based on a Layer Attribute


.. Find and zoom to a shapefile shape/geographic object based on a shapefile attribute


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This video uses:

.. CV XE GIS software

.. US1.GIS project (placed on your computer by CV XE GIS installer).


Related resources:

.. about GIS

,, about the Find Shape feature .. in this guide


Click this link to start video (active link when video available).


Topics reviewed in video:

.. what is the Find Shape feature?

.. why use the Find Shape feature?

.. using the Find Shape feature.


This video illustrates use of this feature to find a census tract by its geocode.

.. any shapefile layer can be used with Find Shape.

.. the Find Shape can be used with any attribute in the shapefile.


This video illustrates use of Find Shape to locate/zoom to census tract 51510200801.


This census tract contains a school located at 3330 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22302

See related video on locating this on locating this parcel using this address.


Perform the Find Shape on any shapefile layer and any attribute in that layer.

.. caution 1 .. use a unique shapefile attribute value


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