Using API Tools to Access/Download Census 2010 Block Data

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State-County Codes:


Start-up view of US1_miami.gis project.  Installed on user computer by CV XE GIS installer.



Zoom-in to Miami showing blocks in detail, labeled with total population; attributes of block at pointer shown in Shape Viewer



Accessing Census 2010 Summary File 1 census block demographics



Access/download selected census block level demographics for Miami-Data, FL by clicking link below or copy/pasting text in browser URL bar:,H004001,H004002,H004003,H004004,P001001&for=block:*&in=state:12%20county:086


Press enter and it returns the following Census 2010 items for all Miami-Date County, FL (12086) blocks.


H001001 Total housing units

H004001 Occupied housing units

H004002 .. Owned with a mortgage or a loan

H004003 .. Owned free and clear

H004004 .. Renter occupied

P001001 Total population


Copy the returned page into text editor (Notepad) and edit a little to create a CSV file, then import into CV XE GIS


Perform this operation using any state-county codes in the URL text.

Geospatially analyzing these data.


Step 1 - creating the Miami-Dade County blocks shapefile populated with the Census 2010 SF1 block demographics


There are 38970 blocks in Miami-Dade County

There are ~485,000 blocks in the Florida statewide blocks shapefile (see related section)



Use dBMerge to merge the Miami-Dade blocks data into the Florida statewide shapefile
Export only Miami-Dade blocks from the Florida statewide shapefile to a new shapefile

which is  better?


Using these files:




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