Using GeoGateway with Census Blocks


Using the CV XE GIS File>GeoGateway feature - focus on census blocks


.. at your fingertips .. a library of shapefiles with wide-ranging geography.


See a list of videos at


Learn how to ...

.. adding ready-to use census block layer/shapefile to an existing project

.. using Florida as example; 485,000 census blocks


This video uses:

.. CV XE GIS software

.. US1_miami.GIS project (placed on your computer by CV XE GIS installer).

.. could be any GIS project


Related resources:

.. about GIS

.. about the US1_miami GIS project .. in this guide


Click this link to start video


Topics reviewed in video:

.. see more in general about GeoGateway in related video

.. using GeoGateway to access/use census block geography

  - why is a census block shapefile needed?

     .. smallest geographic area for which Census data re tabulated

     .. smallest/elemental geography on which all other political/statistical geography are based

     .. essential to redistricting

.. steps to start and use GeoGateway to access block files

.. examining block geography in a project


setting RGB colors





Miami Area Census Blocks



Florida Blocks


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