How to add a new layer to an existing project.

.. this video summaries how to add a layer based on a shapefile already on your computer.

.. use GetGateway and related video to access/download shapefiles and related data stored on servers.


See a list of videos at http://proximityone.com/videos.htm.


This video uses:

.. CV XE GIS software

.. US1.GIS project (placed on your computer by CV XE GIS installer).


Related resources:

.. about GIS

.. about the US1 GIS project .. in this guide


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Topics reviewed in video:

.. determining what layer is to be added.

  - suppose you want a new county layer.

.. why use a new layer?

  - you want to show county layer with a cross-hatch pattern, not changing other layer attributes

.. adding a layer to a GIS project.

  - know the name/location of the shapefile or other source to be used.

  - how to determine this information?

  - use the Add Layer button on the toolbar

.. using layer editor to set appearance.

  - in this case, the Area pattern and Section render are used

.. using the new layer for analysis and/or reference.


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