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Start-up View & Project

The CV XE GIS default start-up view, shown below, is focused on the Houston metro.  The view is created by the CV XE software upon opening the GIS project file specified in the start-up configuration/INI file.  The profile file references a set of shapefiles and other GIS-related files with defined start-up values.  CV XE GIS projects are named with the file extension "gis". Several projects and associated files used in the project are provided with all versions of CV XE GIS.


For more information, see or call (888) 364-7656.




In this section ... click a link for more information about a project or feature.


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GIS Projects and Files Included with Installer

  Washington DC GIS Project

  U.S. by State & County Project

   - view/analyze characteristics of all U.S. counties/regions

   - integrated, ready-to-use Census 2010 Demographic Profile demographics

  U.S. TIGERWMS Web Map Server Project

   - view/analyze all Census 2010 geography -- see boundaries, codes and relationships

   - full detail includes 11 million+ census blocks

   - add your own shapefiles, view political/statistical geography in context

  World by Country Project


Getting Started Notes

  Opening Projects and Using Favorites


Comparative Analysis Demographic-Economic Profiles

  ... when maps do not tell the whole story.

  Creating Census 2010 comparative analysis tabular/grid views



Washington DC GIS Project

... CV XE GIS installer start-up view

File name: dc3.gis




Create this view for any county/region in the U.S. with any version of CV XE GIS.


Files/Layers (shapefiles):

 tl_2010_11001_pointlmm.shp -- Census 2010 landmark points

 tl_2010_11001_edgesm.shp -- Census 2010 edges/roads

 tl_2010_11001_tabblock10m.shp -- Census 2010 census blocks

 tl_2010_11001_areawaterm.shp -- Census 2010 water areas

 tl_2010_11001_arealmm.shp -- Census 2010 landmark areas

 tl_2010_11_bg10m2.shp -- Census 2010 block groups

 tl_2010_11_bg10m.shp -- Census 2010 block groups2

 tl_2010_11_tract10m.shp -- Census 2010 census tracts

 tl_2010_11_county10m.shp -- Census 2010 county


U.S. by State & County Project

File name: us1.gis


Kansas City area start-up view

... illustrating use of identify tool to show profile for selected county (see pointer)



 gz_2010_us_040_500k.shp - States with Census 2010 DP1 fields

 gz_2010_us_050_500k.shp - Counties with Census 2010 DP1 fields

 gz_2010_us_310_m1_500k.shp - Metros

 worldcountries.shp - world countries

-- Census DP1 fields:


U.S. TIGERWMS Web Map Server Project

File name: mckinney_tigerwms.gis



McKinney/Collin County, TX area start-up view

... intersection level of analysis

... illustrating use of identify tool to show profile for selected street segment (see pointer)

... note right- and left-side road segment from and to address fields in profile.



 tl_2010_48085_edges.shp - Collin County, TX edges/roads shapefile

 txschools2010 - Texas K-12 schools

 gz_2010_us_050_500k.shp - Counties with Census 2010 DP1 fields

 TIGERWMS - Census TIGER Web Map Server (many layers)

  -- using TIGERWMS

  -- Census DP1 fields:


World by Country Project -- an illustration project

File name: world1.gis


... illustrating that CV XE GIS supports worldwide viewing and analysis.



 world cities shapefile

 world countries shapefile



Open Projects Using Favorites

... dialog and favorites are available, choose Favorites.




Click on GIS Item to Open Project

... Favorites dialog appears; dbl-click item; click Go to open.




Comparative Analysis Demographic-Economic Profiles

View demographic-economic attributes for areas of interest in a tabular/spreadsheet form as well in thematic pattern maps.  The following summary provides an overview of using subject matter data from the Census 2010 Demographic Profile Summary file.

Details about these data at


This summary reviews only the Census 2010 data.  American Community Survey 2010 Demographic Profiles are also available. This summary reviews only data for national scope counties and states.  Data are available for other wide-ranging geography.


Start Demographic-Economic Profile Operation

From the main menu click Analytics>Demographic-Economic Profiles.  The following start-up view appears:



This view shows demographic characteristics for Collin County, TX, Texas and the U.S. in a side-by-side manner.

Expand the window to the right to view additional columns showing Texas and the U.S.


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