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ItemList Files

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ItemList Files

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ItemList Files

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The ItemList file is a text file that contains a list of data item field names corresponding to a set of data items to be pulled from a database.  An ItemList file provides an alternative to using the fields selection listbox to dynamically select items to be extracted at run-time.  The ItemList file might be most effectively  used when needing to select the same set of items frequently.


To create a Census 2010 SF1 ItemList file ...


In this example the user seeks to create an ItemList file for the selection of Table P14 Sex by Age for the Population Under 20 Years.


For these steps, the Census 2010 SF1 geosegment and segment 4 for Texas must be in DBF structure.  The ItemList can be created without the data extration setup ... use steps 6, 7, 8.


1. Set the DBF path (use Options settings) -- e:\$sf1\

2. Set the State (use Options settings) -- TX

3. Set the extract Query (sumlev='950' .or. sumlev='960' .or. sumlev='970')

4. Set the itemlist file name -- c:\dda\itemlist_p014.txt

5. Set the extract file name (output) -- c:\dda\p014_txsd.dbf


6. Check the Save Selections to File checkbox (left upper panel).

7. Click Tools>Load Census 2010 SF1 Item Listbox

8. Multi-select items to be selected ... which items to be selected depends on the scope of geography and subject matter.  In this example, the user seeks to extract data all Table P14 items for only school districts.  The items to be selected are:


Identifier segment items -- which identifier items to select?

-- this is subjective; the list should only include those fields that are needed/planned for use.

In this case, the state postal abbreviation, summary level, state FIPS code, sdelm, sdsec, sduni, pop100, hu100 and name are needed.


which subject matter listbox items?

-- in this case, all P014* items.  If uncertain, use the reference documents at Help>Census 2010 SF1 Table Matrix (doc) (shows segment number) or SF1 Table Shells (xls).


9. Click Go (left panel above listbox)

-- a prompt appears for the ItemList save path and name

- example -- enter c:\dda\itemlist_p014.txt


10. processing proceeds.


The ItemList file may now be re-used.


Set variations on items 1-5 above.


1. Uncheck Save Selections to File

2. Optionally Click Clear button above Listbox

-- if the Listbox is not cleared, the extractions will use the Listbox selections

3. Click Go button

4. Extract proceeds

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