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Welcome to the Demographic Data Analyst ...


This document is the Demographic Data Analyst user guide.  See companion guides:


CommunityViewer GIS --

Applications Gallery --

Data Resources --


The Demographic Data Analyst (DDA) is a desktop demographic and geographic data access, management and analysis system designed to operate on Win32/64 computers.  


Use DDA for more effective and efficient integration of diverse and widely used demographic-geographic data  decision-making information solutions.

... click to view quickstart mapview tutorial.
Educational Attainment Washington DC by Block Group

Educational Attainment
Washington DC by Block Group


See the Narrated Videos section to see how DDA works.





American Community Survey 2010 Summary File Tools DDA_ACS

Census tracts and block groups summary files - all tables

data extraction, display, flat file creation for data merging


  - download shapefiles

  - create views of tracts and block groups contextually with other geography



Feature and capabilities update



Feature under development

- data integration:  ACS 2010 EEO special tabulation and organization/establishment employment data

- workforce analyses and reports



New feature

- interactive Google maps within DDA

- linked to DDA data

- specialized reference mapping controls not available from Google Maps on Web



- user survey respondent data processing & analysis

- Census 2010 and ACS Public Use Sample Microdata

- create summary data

... coming in March



DDA Viewer Demographic Profiles and Site Analysis

Application Examples

Clear Creek ISD, TX (Houston area)

Columbia, SC

Honolulu, HI

McKinney ISD, TX (Dallas area)

Morehouse Parish, LA

Rome School District, NY

San Antonio, TX

Sand Springs, OK

Vernon County, MO


12/31/11 Census 2010 DP Integrated into DDA Viewer


12/27/11 dBrowse module added -- see dBrowser


Browse, query, process dbase files.

Available in all versions.


12/27/11 Viewer module added -- see Viewer

Main menu bar -- Viewer

Organized data display, viewing and publishing module.

Available in all versions.


12/27/11 Modeler module added -- see Modeler

Main menu bar -- Modeler

Used to develop ProximityOne estimates and projections.

Create alternative scenario projections with model modifications.

Add model sectors for your industry(s) and business.

Available by subscription.


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