Demographic Data Analyst

Demographic Data Analyst

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Demographic Data Analyst

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Demographic Data Analyst

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The ProximityOne Demographic Data Analyst is an integrated software and database resource designed for display and analysis of historical, current and projected demographic-economic conditions down to the neighborhood/intersection level.


Demographic Data Analyst (DDA) provides access to national scope Census 2010 data down to the census block level of geography.


In comparison to the Census Bureau Web-based FactFinder, DDA enables access to data from sources other than the Census Bureau including user data.  Also unlike FactFinder, DDA enables integration of subject matter data from multi-sourced statistical programs.  For example, view/analyze Census 2000 data with Census 2010 data; Census 2010 data with American Community Survey (ACS) 2010 data, etc.  Examine longitudinal patterns using DDA, not possible with FactFinder.  Unlike file saves or downloads using FactFinder, or other Federal data access programs, data exported from DDA are "ready-to-integrate" with software such as mapping and GIS applications.


More than Census Bureau geographic and demographic data ...

Independent of Census Bureau demographics, the DDA TIGER shapefile download interface is vastly simpler and more flexible compared to Census.

Independent of all Census Bureau data, the DDA DBMerge operation and general dbase file operations are very powerful and useful.


Use DDA to ...

access wide-ranging demographic-economic data including Census 2010 and American Community Survey.

generate comparative analysis profiles, ranking tables, display data tables and create custom reports.

integrate multi-sourced widely used demographic data resources ... and your own data.

import data from Census 2010 and American Community Survey (downloadable Census-sourced summary files).

export data for immediate use with ArcGIS, other GIS, popular spreadsheet/related apps; to CSV and other formats.

use native internal dbase database structures ... process all DDA datasets with DDA dbase utilities.

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