Colorado Selected Views

Illustrating use of CommunityViewer to view/analyze K-12 schools, school districts in context of school district community with drill down to intersection level of detail.


Pueblo County Area

Census tracts green boundary yellow label; landmark areas gray (airport by pointer and wholly contained in tract 30.03); places beige/orange fill pattern


Pueblo County, Pueblo City

Illustrates use of different 'see through' pattern for landmark areas (cross hatch); airport by pointer.

Illustrates us of query applied to all places/cities, showing only Pueblo city (beige/orange fill pattern)


Pueblo County, Zoom-in to Airport Area

Illustrates adding detailed streets and use of identify tool to show mini-profile of census tract (pointer).

Airport shown as cross hatch area; Pueblo city shown as beige/orange fill pattern.


Colorado School Districts Selected Characteristics

Colorado School Districts: Patterns of Children Enrolled with Disabilities

MSAs shown with bold brown boundary.

This view shows the percent of “grade relevant children enrolled in school” (RCE) with disabilities as a percent of total RCE in that district. See color patterns/interval definitions in highlighted layer in legend at left.   These data are based on the Census 2000 school district special tabulation (  Watch for updates.  Data are now becoming available from a special tabulation of the Census Bureau American Community Survey (districts 20,000 population and over) providing an opportunity for updates and longitudinal analysis.

More information:


Colorado by School District: Patterns of Combined Locale Code and %Enrolled with Disabilities

Similar to previous view with addition of the same shapefile as a layer "above" the %Disabilities layer.

The school district locale code (see details below map view) pattern is shown as symbols.  While any graphic can be used as a symbol, "wingding" fonts are used here to illustrate.  Using this method it is possible to view the combined/separate pattern using multiple subject matter items where a simple ratio does not work.

Locale codes -- see details

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