Group Quarters Population


Census 2010 Group Quarters Population -- Texas by County


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In the following view, metros are shown with bold boundary.

Counties are labeled with total group quarters population (white areas/counties have no group quarters population).

See blue highlighted layer in legend at left of map for color-value intervals.

CV identify tool used to show mini profile (right of map) for Harris county (see pointer in map).


Types of group quarters population conveyed by Census 2010 Table P42:


Census 2010 Group Quarters Subject Matter Items
--- Item Name --- Item Table/Number
Institutionalized population p0420002
  Correctional facilities for adults p0420003
  Juvenile facilities p0420004
  Nursing facilities/Skilled-nursing facilitiesp0420005
  Other institutional facilitiesp0420006
Noninstitutionalized population:p0420007
  College/University student housingp0420008
  Military quartersp0420009
  Other noninstitutional facilitiesp0420010


Group Quarters Population -- Texas by County



Texas by County -- County Name Reference



Texas Group Quarters Population by Block



Collin County/McKinney ISD, TX Group Quarters by Census Block


Group quarters population by census block

Mini profile shows group quarters by type (see pointer).

123 group quarters population who are P0420005 -- "Nursing facilities/Skilled-nursing facilities"


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