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The group quarters population, population living outside of household settings in institutional and noninstitutional facilities, are now available from Census 2010. Consider, for example, that these are the only source of accurately tabulated data for the nursing home population (among other groups of interest) and that these data are available by census block. These data provide a unique source of such data, comparable across all states, that can be analyzed by metro, health service area, city/community, county/region and other wide-ranging areas of interest.

View/rank/compare/contrast 2010 Census advance group quarters summary data for Texas using the interactive ranking table provided in this section. These data are an early version of table P42 from the 2010 Census Summary File 1, showing population counts for seven types of group quarters. Data shown in this section for Texas are available for all states.

The institutionalized group quarters categories include correctional facilities for adults, juvenile facilities, nursing facilities/skilled-nursing facilities and other institutional facilities. The noninstitutionalized group quarters categories include college/university student housing, military quarters and other noninstitutional facilities.

The ranking table provides summary data at the state, county and census tract levels. These same data are also available at the census block level in the form of data file.

View thematic maps illustrating how these data can be used for visual pattern analysis ... One of the thematic map views shows group quarters population Texas by census block. There are 5,077 census blocks with group quarters population of the total statewide 914,231 blocks.

Texas Census 2010 Group Quarters -- Interactive Ranking Table
  Click ShowAll button to show all tabulation areas.
  Select a summary level using the Sumlev drop-down; click ShowAll between summary level selections.
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  See related Ranking Tables Main Page.
  Data available as CSV file. Contact Proximity; mention 'Group Quarters'.

Usage/Reference notes ...

The ranking table shows items listed in the Table P42:

Universe: Population in group quarters
Institutionalized population p0420002
  Correctional facilities for adults p0420003
  Juvenile facilities p0420004
  Nursing facilities/Skilled-nursing facilitiesp0420005
  Other institutional facilitiesp0420006
Noninstitutionalized population:p0420007
  College/University student housingp0420008
  Military quartersp0420009
  Other noninstitutional facilitiesp0420010

Viewing a specific summary level ...
To view only counties:
  • Click ShowAll button.
  • Use Sumlev dropdown to select counties.
  • Rank on a selected column by clicking header on that column.
  • Rank in other direction by clicking same header again.

Additional Information
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