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Demographic Characteristics of 111th Congressional Districts
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The Congressional District demographic ranking table provided below uses 2007 demographics. See/compare the corresponding 2009 demographics (more recent) using the 2009 ranking table.

Proximity provides congressional district geodemographic information to assist stakeholders in analysis of wide-ranging issues. We develop specialized demographic profiles, rankings, focused studies, projections, impact analyses and/or tools that you can use to address topics of interest to you. This page provides access to selected congressional district information resources and examples of how geodemographic data can be used to develop insights.

111th Congressional District 2007 Demographics: Interactive ranking table (1/5/09)
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Data from 2007 American Community Survey; data development and analyses by Proximity.
Ranking Table Column Descriptions (subject matter reference date is 2007 for all items)
  Population - total population
  %Pop 5-17 - percent population ages 5-17 years, school age population
  %White - percent White population (of one race)
  %Black - percent Black population (of one race)
  %Latino - percent Latino population
  $MdHHInc - median household income
  %HS Grad - percent population who are high school graduates
  %Poverty - percent population in poverty
  %NonEngSpkrs - percent population 5 year and older who speak language other than English at home and do not speak English very well
The value -1 indicates insufficient data available to develop estimate.

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