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American Community Survey 2010/2011

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American Community Survey 2010/2011

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American Community Survey 2010/2011

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American Community Survey (ACS) 2010


American Community Survey Main page

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ACS 2010

ACS 2010 5-year estimates


ACS 2010 Data Resources:


Demographic Profile 1 (General Demographics)

Demographic Profile 2 (Social Characteristics)

Demographic Profile 3 (Economic Characteristics)

Demographic Profile 4 (Housing Characteristics)


Data Item Name Template



10: 2010

Y: ACS estimation basis: 1,3,5 year

P: DP: G,S,E,H

NNN: field number



Item A105S066 is the 2010 estimate for "Percent high school graduate or higher" based on the ACS 2010 5-year estimates.


Census Tract Datatsets Distribution


The zip file contains 8 national scope files:


Estimates files






Annotation files






Annotation file structure/content

The annotation file contains attribute values for unavailable data in the corresponding estimates file.  There is one annotation file for each estimates file.  Each annotation file contains the same number of records and fields as corresponding estimates file.  The field names are the same in the annotation files for corresponding estimates file.  The field structure is character 4 in the annotation file rather than numeric 9 in the estimates file.


If a value for a data cell in an estimates file was not estimated, the cell/field in the estimates file is blank/0 and the corresponding record/cell/field in the following corresponding annotation file has an annotation value:


$(X)        field not estimated, generally because the question changed over the 5 years

$-        field not estimated, generally because there was too little response data to estimate the value


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