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State Voting & Registration Patterns, 2008

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Voting and registration data are collected biennially in the November Current Population Survey (CPS). The CPS a monthly survey of households conducted by the Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This section presents voting and registration data by state from the November 2008 CPS in the form of interactive ranking table.

Voting and Voting Age Population. People who are not United States citizens are not eligible to vote. The voting-age population also includes many people who cannot register to vote despite meeting citizen and age requirements. Some people are not permitted to vote because they have been committed to institutions or because they cannot meet residency requirements for various reasons. Eligibility to register is governed by state laws; legalities differ from state-to-state. Registration is the act of qualifying to vote by formally enrolling on an official list of voters. More details below.

In the ranking table, each state is iterated for 11 population groups shown in column 2. To rank all states based on any one of these groups, first choose the population group using the Group dropdown selection box below the table, then click on the column header to sort on that item.

State Voting & Registration Patterns, 2008
  Interactive ranking table -- click column header to sort; click again to sort other direction.
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Data not available shown with value -2; negligible value shown with -1.
All population data are in thousands. All data are as of November 2008.

Column Headers
Tot Population -- total population
Tot Citizens -- total citizens
Population Registered to Vote
  - Tot Registered -- total population registered to vote
  - %RegTot18+ -- percent registered (Total 18+)
  - RegMOE1 -- %RegTot18+ margin of error
  - %RegCit18+ -- percent registered (Citizen 18+)
  - RegMOE2 -- %RegCit18+ margin of error
Population who Voted
  - Tot Voted -- total population voting
  - %VtdTot18+ -- percent voted (Total 18+)
  - VtdMOE1 -- %VtdTot18+ margin of error
  - %VtdCit18+ -- percent voted (Citizen 18+)
  - VtdMOE2 -- %VtdCit18+ margin of error

Voting-Age Population
One of the primary criteria for being eligible to vote is age. Since 1972, every state has required that eligible voters be at least 18 years of age. The voting-age population, or the 18-and-older population, is a population base often used in analyzing voting characteristics.

Voting-Age Citizen Population
A second criteria for voting eligibility is citizenship. In the United States, only native or naturalized citizens can legally vote in elections.

Registered Population
A third criteria for voting eligibility is registration. With the exception of North Dakota, every state requires eligible voters to formally register before casting a ballot. Registration procedures vary greatly from state to state in terms of methods and deadlines.

Additional Information
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