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This section provides information to illustrate usage of the CV XE GIS software with the Washington DC Demographic-Economic GIS Project. "Project" refers to the CV XE GIS project file that is used by the CV XE GIS software to manage component files/layers and settings to render a specific map view. See more about files/layers included in this project.

Start-up view of the Washington DC CV XE project
The following graphic shows patterns of economic prosperity (median household income) by block group for the Washington DC area. Layers checked in the legend panel at left are shown in the map view window. Washington DC appears with bold black boundary. It is easy to see which block groups, sub-neighborhoods, have higher and lower median household income. Using the same project and CV XE GIS, similar views can be made showing other types of income measures, poverty, educational attainment, enrollment, employment, language spoken at home, housing value, housing costs, among many others.

Getting Underway ...
To bring the above view up on your computer, follow these steps:
1. Install the no-fee version of CV XE (Windows 32/64) now.
    ... this no-fee version includes many powerful features.

2. After installing the CV XE software, download the Washington DC project fileset with information provided separately. Expand the downloaded zip file to the folder c:\cvxe\1.

3. With CV running, select Settings>Start-up from main menu bar. In the Setting form that appears, modify the Start-up Project setting to show "c:\cvxe\1\washingtondc1.gis" (omit quotes) in the Start-up Project edit box. Save the settings, close the form and re-start CV. CV will now always open this project ("washingtondc1.gis").

Start CV and the view shown at the top of this section appears.

Layers Included in the Washington DC CV XE Project
The following table shows a list of layers in the same order as shown in the legend panel in the start-up view (top of this section). With exception of the OpenStreetMap (see http:/ each of the layers corresponds to a shapefile installed on the computer where CV XE GIS has been installed. The OpenStreetMap layer is provided courtesy MapQuest. ProximityOne has no direct affiliation with MapQuest nor OpenStreetMap. It is the responsibility of the user making use of OpenStreetMap services to respect the OpenStreetMap terms and conditions.
1gz_2010_us_040_00_500k.shpU.S. by State
2k12publicschoolspt112451.SHPK-12 Schools (DC MD VA)
3gz_2010_us_310_m1_500k.shpU.S. Metros (CBSAs)
4tl_2012_us_primaryroads.shpU.S. Interstate
5tl_2012_11001_edges.shpDC roads (2012)
6gz_2010_us_050_00_500k.shpU.S. by county
7gz_2010_us_860_00_500k_112451.shpZIP Code area (DC MD VA)
8tl_2010_11001_tabblock10.shpDC by census block
9gz_2010_us_140_112451.shpCensus tracts (DC MD VA)
10gz_2010_us_160_5000.shpU.S. by City/Place having 5,000 or more population
11sd10_112451.shpDC MD VA School Districts
12gz_2010_112451_150_00_500k.shpDC MD VA Block Groups
13mapquest_osmMapQuest OpenStreetMaps Tiles; Web-based; courtesy of MapQuest
14gz_2010_us_states.shpU.S. by State

Applications and Data

Block Group Layer. This layer/shapefile (gz_2010_112451_150_00_500k.shp) is provided for D.C., Maryland & Virginia. Subject matter items included are a subset of the 200+ items described at The thematic map shown at the top of this section is based on item d124, median household income. More about block groups:

Metros & Counties Layers. Unchecking the block group layer, zooming out, widening the metro boundary, selecting only the Washington DC MSA, and turning on the county labels, renders this regional view:

Cities/Places Layer. Checking the cities/places layer on, following the above steps to view the region, renders this regional view also showing cities/places having 5,000 or more population:

School Districts & Schools Layers. Zooming in to DC and checking the school districts and K-12 schools layers on, following the above steps, renders this view also showing school districts and schools:

The identify tool is used to show a profile of a selected school (see pointer).

ZIP Code Areas Layer. Zooming further into Washington, unchecking the K-12 schools and school districts layers, checking the ZIP codes layer on, and following the above steps, renders this view:

The ZIP code area labels have also been turned on.

Roads Layer. Zooming further into Washington (ZIP code 20007 - see above), checking the roads layer on, and following the above steps, renders this view

The identify tool is used to show a profile of a selected street segment. See pointer. Note the segment attributes include the right- and left-side address ranges, ZIP codes, among many others.

Census Blocks Layer. Checking the blocks layer on, and following the above steps, renders this view:

This further zoom-in shows blocks with labeled using the 15 character census block code.

Census Tracts Layer. Zooming out to ZIP 20007, checking the census tracts layer on, and following the above steps, renders this view:

Census tracts are labeled (white) using the 11 character census tract code. It is easy to see the relationship between census tracts and ZIP codes.

Example of Redevelopment Area Analysis
Shifting focus from Washington, DC to adjacent Alexandria, VA, the remainder of this section shows and example of using the CV XE resources to examine a proposed redevelopment area in Alexandria. The pointer in the following view shows the vicinity of the redevelopment area; Alexandria appears with bold black boundary line. The thematic pattern map presents a good overview of economic prosperity by block group -- a drill-down view similar to the map shown at the top of this section.

Comparative Analysis Profile. The CV XE Comparative Analysis tool is used to examine three block groups in Alexandria located in the proposed redevelopment area. The Comparative Analysis Profile (CAP) tool is a feature of the premium version of CV XE GIS.

The table presented below shows a CAP for three block groups: 51-510-200102-1 ... 51-510-200102-2 ... 51-510-200104-1. These block groups are parts of two census tracts. The next map shows these three adjacent block groups. A transparency setting is used on the block group layer so that the underlying OpenStreetMap layer is also visible.

The following related view shows this same area in context the proposed redevelopment:

Source: City of Alexandria Beauregard Small Area Plan.
The red-lined area in the above graphic can be closely approximated by a selection of five block groups. Three of these block groups are used to illustrate use of CV XE GIS tools and related data to provide a demographic-economic profile for that portion of the area. These views and data can help stakeholders examine characteristics of the red-lined area, components of that area, the immediately contiguous sub-neighborhood, as well as the broader area that may be impacted. See demographic-economic characteristics for each BG and the composite area in the table presented below. The table shows that approximately 75% of the housing units are renter occupied and the median rent is approximately $1,427/month ... among hundreds of other attributes.

ACS 2011 Demographic-Economic Characteristics for each block group and summary for composite area:
Scroll Section -- the table provides 219 demographic-economic subject matter items.
Comparative Analysis Profile
  ACS 2011 Demographic-Economic Characteristics
Geographic Area51-510-200102-151-510-200102-251-510-200104-1Summary
d001Total Population by Gender & Age (B01001)942100.002,246100.002,248100.005,436100.0
d002 .. Male54257.541,32258.861,06947.552,93354.0
d003 .. Female40042.4692441.141,17952.452,50346.0
d004 .. Under 5 years939.871566.952028.994518.3
d005 .. 5 to 9 years11011.68542.40642.852284.2
d006 .. 10 to 14 years262.76492.18883.911633.0
d007 .. 15 to 17 years101.06934.14542.401572.9
d008 .. 18 and 19 years00.00683.03542.401222.2
d009 .. 20 years90.96693.0750.22831.5
d010 .. 21 years00.00261.16100.44360.7
d011 .. 22 to 24 years15416.351446.4124410.8554210.0
d012 .. 25 to 29 years17919.0048821.7337416.641,04119.2
d013 .. 30 to 34 years12413.1623710.5527712.3263811.7
d014 .. 35 to 39 years262.7630913.7627312.1460811.2
d015 .. 40 to 44 years303.181476.5429012.904678.6
d016 .. 45 to 49 years424.461074.76904.002394.4
d017 .. 50 to 54 years869.131175.211165.163195.9
d018 .. 55 to 59 years363.82301.34592.621252.3
d019 .. 60 and 61 years60.64502.23110.49671.2
d020 .. 62 to 64 years111.17552.4590.40751.4
d021 .. 65 and 66 years00.0000.0000.0000.0
d022 .. 67 to 69 years00.00220.9800.00220.4
d023 .. 70 to 74 years00.0070.3100.0070.1
d024 .. 75 to 79 years00.00180.80281.25460.8
d025 .. 80 to 84 years00.0000.0000.0000.0
d026 .. 85 years and over00.0000.0000.0000.0
d027 .. Median age 26.8... 29.8... 31.3...29.3...
Race (B02001) & Origin (B03003)
d028 Total Population942100.002,246100.002,248100.005,436100.0
d029 .. White alone44947.661,02745.7393541.592,41144.4
d030 .. Black or African American alone26227.8132814.6069030.691,28023.5
d031 .. American Indian and Alaska Native alone00.00431.9100.00430.8
d032 .. Asian alone17418.4733214.7828412.6379014.5
d033 .. Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander alone00.0000.0000.0000.0
d034 .. Some other race alone212.2351622.971767.8371313.1
d035 .. Two or more races363.8200.001637.251993.7
d036 .. Hispanic (B03003)14114.9788139.2340718.101,42926.3
Households by Type (B11001)
d037 Total Households316100.00827100.00977100.002,120100.0
d038 .. Family households22972.4750661.1950351.481,23858.4
d039 .... Married couple family17956.6528334.2227127.7473334.6
d040 .... Other family5015.8222326.9623223.7550523.8
d041 ...... Male householder, no wife present257.9110512.70525.321828.6
d042 ...... Female householder, no husband present257.9111814.2718018.4232315.2
d043 .. Nonfamily households8727.5332138.8147448.5288241.6
d044 .... Householder living alone5216.4619623.7035236.0360028.3
d045 .... Householder not living alone3511.0812515.1112212.4928213.3
d046 Households with children under 18 years (B11005)13643.0423428.3024925.4961929.2
d047 Households with persons 65 yrs or over (B11007)00.00455.44282.87733.4
d048 Average Household Size (B25010/H012) 2.98... 2.72... 2.30...2.67...
d049 Average Household Size -- owner occupied 1.55... 2.03... -1.00...0.86...
d050 Average Household Size -- renter occupied 3.08... 2.81... 2.30...2.73...
d050a Population in Households (B11002/P029)942100.002,246100.002,248100.005,436100.0
School Enrollment
d051 Population 3 years and over867100.002,100100.002,062100.005,029100.0
d052 .. Enrolled in school:31235.9950023.8142120.421,23324.5
d053 .. Enrolled in nursery school, preschool00.0000.0000.0000.0
d054 .... Public school00.0000.0000.0000.0
d055 .... Private school00.0000.0000.0000.0
d056 .. Enrolled in kindergarten:586.69150.71130.63861.7
d057 .... Public school586.69150.71130.63861.7
d058 .... Private school00.0000.0000.0000.0
d059 .. Enrolled in grade 1 to grade 4:515.88391.86894.321793.6
d060 .... Public school354.04321.52894.321563.1
d061 .... Private school161.8570.3300.00230.5
d062 .. Enrolled in grade 5 to grade 8:101.15713.38261.261072.1
d063 .... Public school101.15633.00261.26992.0
d064 .... Private school00.0080.3800.0080.2
d065 .. Enrolled in grade 9 to grade 12:252.881266.00964.662474.9
d066 .... Public school252.881155.48964.662364.7
d067 .... Private school00.00110.5200.00110.2
d068 .. Enrolled in college undergraduate374.271647.811507.273517.0
d069 .... Public school374.271075.10512.471953.9
d070 .... Private school00.00572.71994.801563.1
d071 .. Enrolled in graduate or profession13115.11854.05472.282635.2
d072 .... Public school00.00371.76291.41661.3
d073 .... Private school13115.11482.29180.871973.9
d074 .. Not enrolled in school55564.011,60076.191,64179.583,79675.5
Educational Attainment (B15002)
d075 Population 25 years and over540100.001,587100.001,527100.003,654100.0
d076 .. No schooling completed00.00241.51281.83521.4
d077 .. Nursery to 4th Grade00.00945.92241.571183.2
d078 .. 5th and 6th Grade00.00412.5890.59501.4
d079 .. 7th and 8th Grade00.00503.15130.85631.7
d080 .. 9th Grade00.00412.5890.59501.4
d081 .. 10th Grade264.8100.0070.46330.9
d082 .. 11th Grade00.0000.0090.5990.2
d083 .. 12th, no diploma00.0000.00845.50842.3
d084 .. High School Graduate, GED, or alternative14927.5939424.8329119.0683422.8
d085 .. Some college, less than 1 year336.111016.36905.892246.1
d086 .. Some college, 1 or more years, no degree101.8525716.1922814.9349513.5
d087 .. Associate's degree7513.89835.23785.112366.5
d088 .. Bachelor's degree14326.4827917.5836123.6478321.4
d089 .. Master's degree8215.1917410.9622614.8048213.2
d090 .. Professional school degree162.96432.71312.03902.5
d091 .. Doctorate degree61.1160.38392.55511.4
Language Spoken at Home (B16004)
d092 Population 5 years and over849100.002,090100.002,046100.004,985100.0
d093 .. Population 5 to 17 years:14617.201969.3820610.0754811.0
d094 .. Speak only English12915.19542.581135.522965.9
d095 .. Speak Spanish:00.001145.45934.552074.2
d096 .... Speak English "not well"00.00281.3480.39360.7
d097 .... Speak English "not at all"00.0000.0000.0000.0
d098 .. Speak other Indo-European languages:00.00221.0500.00220.4
d099 .... Speak English "not well"00.00221.0500.00220.4
d100 .... Speak English "not at all"00.0000.0000.0000.0
d101 .. Speak Asian and Pacific Island languages:00.0000.0000.0000.0
d102 .... Speak English "not well"00.0000.0000.0000.0
d103 .... Speak English "not at all"00.0000.0000.0000.0
d104 .. Speak other languages:172.0060.2900.00230.5
d105 .... Speak English "not well"00.0000.0000.0000.0
d106 .... Speak English "not at all"00.0000.0000.0000.0
Household Income Past 12 Months (B19001)
d107 Households316100.00827100.00977100.002,120100.0
d108 .. Less than $10,000175.38161.93808.191135.3
d109 .. $10,000 to $14,999103.1600.0000.00100.5
d110 .. $15,000 to $19,99992.8500.00596.04683.2
d111 .. $20,000 to $24,999309.4970.8500.00371.7
d112 .. $25,000 to $29,999175.38212.549810.031366.4
d113 .. $30,000 to $34,99900.009711.73252.561225.8
d114 .. $35,000 to $39,99900.00344.11404.09743.5
d115 .. $40,000 to $44,99951.58627.50272.76944.4
d116 .. $45,000 to $49,999206.33303.63121.23622.9
d117 .. $50,000 to $59,999268.2316519.95737.4726412.5
d118 .. $60,000 to $74,9993410.7613416.2017517.9134316.2
d119 .. $75,000 to $99,9998627.2213015.7210710.9532315.2
d120 .. $100,000 to $124,999278.54809.6710110.342089.8
d121 .. $125,000 to $149,999206.3300.0010811.051286.0
d122 .. $150,000 to $199,999154.75364.35414.20924.3
d123 .. $200,000 or more00.00151.81313.17462.2
d124 .. Median Household Income (B19003)71,458...58,872...63,365...64,565
Other Income and Poverty Measures
d125 .. Median Family Income (B19113)53,990...54,883...61,563...56,812
d126 .. Per Capita Income (B19301)26,778...27,514...34,166...29,486
d127 .. All families (B17010)229100.00506100.00503100.001,238100.0
d128 .... With income past 12 months below poverty leve5122.2791.785510.931159.3
d129 ...... Married-couple family (in poverty)5122.2700.0091.79604.8
d130 ........ With related children under 18 yrs5122.2700.0091.79604.8
Employment Status (B23025)
d133 Population 16 years and over703100.001,987100.001,882100.004,572100.0
d134 .. In labor force49069.701,68284.651,47378.273,64579.7
d135 .... In Armed Forces50.7190.45552.92691.5
d136 .... Civilian48568.991,67384.201,41875.353,57678.2
d137 ...... Employed44162.731,57579.271,32170.193,33773.0
d138 ...... Unemployed446.26984.93975.152395.2
d139 .. Not in labor force21330.3030515.3540921.7392720.3
d140 Housing Units (B25001)347100.00985100.001,318100.002,650
d141 .. Occupied housing units31691.0782783.9697774.132,12080.0
d142 .... Owner-occupied housing units205.7610110.2500.001214.6
d143 .... Renter-occupied housing units29685.3072673.7197774.131,99975.4
d144 .. Vacant housing units318.9315816.0434125.8753020.0
d145 .... For Rent318.9310410.5615111.4628610.8
d146 .... For seasonal, recreational, occasional use00.0000.00251.90250.9
Units in Structure (B25024)0.0
d147 Total Housing Units347100.00985100.001,318100.002,650100.0
d148 .. 1, detached205.76616.1970.53883.3
d149 .. 1, attached205.76666.7017012.902569.7
d150 .. 2174.90212.13594.48973.7
d151 .. 3 or 451.4400.00181.37230.9
d152 .. 5 to 95515.8511912.0813210.0230611.5
d153 .. 10 to 1915945.8253454.2131423.821,00738.0
d154 .. 20 to 494713.5414114.3129622.4648418.3
d155 .. 50 or more00.00434.3731323.7535613.4
d156 .. Mobile home246.9200.0090.68331.2
d157 .. Boat, RV, van, etc.00.0000.0000.0000.0
Year Structure Built (B25024)
d158 Total Housing Units347100.00985100.001,318100.002,650100.0
d159 .. Built 2005 or later00.0000.00201.52200.8
d160 .. Built 2000 to 2004205.7600.0030723.2932712.3
d161 .. Built 1990 to 1999246.92737.4151739.2361423.2
d162 .. Built 1980 to 19896619.02868.73604.552128.0
d163 .. Built 1970 to 197918753.8923023.35775.8449418.6
d164 .. Built 1960 to 1969339.5149350.0528421.5581030.6
d165 .. Built 1950 to 1959174.90858.63534.021555.8
d166 .. Built 1940 to 194900.0000.0000.0000.0
d167 .. Built 1939 or earlier00.00181.8300.00180.7
d168 Median Year Structure Built1,977...1,968...1,994...1,980
Value (B25075)
d169 Owner-Occupied Housing Units20100.00101100.0000.00121100.0
d170 .. Less than $10,00000.0000.0000.0000.0
d171 .. $10,000 to $14,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d172 .. $15,000 to $19,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d173 .. $20,000 to $24,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d174 .. $25,000 to $29,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d175 .. $30,000 to $34,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d176 .. $35,000 to $39,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d177 .. $40,000 to $49,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d178 .. $50,000 to $59,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d179 .. $60,000 to $69,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d180 .. $70,000 to $79,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d181 .. $80,000 to $89,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d182 .. $90,000 to $99,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d183 .. $100,000 to $124,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d184 .. $125,000 to $149,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d185 .. $150,000 to $174,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d186 .. $175,000 to $199,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d187 .. $200,000 to $249,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d188 .. $250,000 to $299,99900.0098.9100.0097.4
d189 .. $300,000 to $399,99900.002827.7200.002823.1
d190 .. $400,000 to $499,99920100.003332.6700.005343.8
d191 .. $500,000 to $749,99900.003130.6900.003125.6
d192 .. $750,000 to $999,99900.0000.0000.0000.0
d193 .. $1,000,000 or more00.0000.0000.0000.0
d194 Median Housing Value (owner-occupied units)-1...440,900...-1...146,966
Gross Rent (B25063)
d195 Renter-Occupied Housing Units296100.00726100.00977100.001,999100.0
d196 With Cash Rent296100.00726100.0095297.441,97498.7
d197 .. Less than $10000.0000.0000.0000.0
d198 .. $100 to $14900.0000.0000.0000.0
d199 .. $150 to $19900.0000.0000.0000.0
d200 .. $200 to $24900.0000.0000.0000.0
d201 .. $250 to $29900.0000.0000.0000.0
d202 .. $300 to $34900.0060.8300.0060.3
d203 .. $350 to $39900.0000.0000.0000.0
d204 .. $400 to $449248.1100.0000.00241.2
d205 .. $450 to $49900.0000.0000.0000.0
d206 .. $500 to $54900.0000.00151.54150.8
d207 .. $550 to $59900.0000.0000.0000.0
d208 .. $600 to $64900.0000.0000.0000.0
d209 .. $650 to $69900.0000.00262.66261.3
d210 .. $700 to $74900.0000.0000.0000.0
d211 .. $750 to $79900.0000.00343.48341.7
d212 .. $800 to $89900.0000.0000.0000.0
d213 .. $900 to $999206.76212.8900.00412.1
d214 .. $1,000 to $1,2493411.4915621.4911111.3630115.1
d215 .. $1,250 to $1,49914548.9935548.9026827.4376838.4
d216 .. $1,500 to $1,9997324.6617023.4234235.0158529.3
d217 .. $2,000 or more00.00182.4815615.971748.7
d218 No Cash Rent00.0000.00252.56251.3
d219 Median Gross Rent (renter-occupied; cash rent)1,371...1,377...1,532...1,427

Additional Information
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