Add Labels to a Layer

This section shows how to add labels to a layer. The $MHI x Tract (Texas by census tract shapefile), included with installer, is used for illustration.  Labels can be assigned to any existing layer.  A similar set of steps could be used to add/modify labels used in the state by county layers.


Labels are assigned to shapes/geographic objects in a designated layer.  Assigned labels (field values) are displayed for each active geographic object/shape and displayed/visible in the map window.


See additional information in the Layer Editor>Label Settings section of this Guide.


Requirements: any version of CVGIS (saving the resulting project requires Level 1 or higher)


Start CVGIS with the default project. This is the project that automatically opens when CVGIS is installed.


The steps are:

1. decide which layer is to be labeled and what item/field name to use as the label.

.. $MHI x Tract .. label with $MHI


2. prepare the view to be modified.

.. drag the $MHI x Tract up in the legend panel, above the County %PopChg layer

.. in the legend panel, click the $MHI x Tract layer on (make it visible)

.. the map now shows patterns of median household income by census tract.


3. start the layer editor by dbl-clicking the layer name in the legend panel.

.. the layer editor form opens..


4. click the Labels tab and the Labels form opens

.. select the field name E062 in the Field dropdown

.. click OK button in upper right of form.

.. the labels now display in the map view

.. the labels display with default settings for tracts *in this section/interval*

.. modify each section/interval to show labels for all tracts


Why is the field E062 selected?

As shown in the tract layer metadata (part of the documentation for the spart-up project)

E062 is the field name for "Income and Benefits (Dollars) -- Total Households -- Median Household Income (Dollars)"

Any field in the shapefile dbf can be selected.


This completes illustration of the basic steps to add labels.

Several options are available to improve the appearance and utility of the labels.


See additional information in the Layer Editor>Label Settings section of this Guide.


This completes this tutorial.


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