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your business and market characteristics
healthcare infrastructure; supply & demand
demographic, social, economic, housing patterns & trends
K-12 education, schools & school districts
construction & housing market trends
congressional district characteristics

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ProximityOne CV XE GIS is business intelligence software that helps you see and understand your data.

 • Fast Analytics

   .. Connect and visualize your data in seconds.

 • Ease of Use

   .. Anyone can analyze data with intuitive operations. Instant insight.

 • Big Data, Any Data

   .. From spreadsheets to databases, explore any data.

 • Smart Dashboards

   .. Combine multiple views of data for richer insight.

 • Update Automatically

   .. Fresh data with live connection to your data.

 • Share in Seconds

   .. Publish results with a few clicks. Share it live on the web and on any devices.



Updated: 4/29/2018


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