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Use CV XE GIS to perform wide-ranging geospatial analyses and augment essential decision-making information.  Identify patterns; collaborate using visual representations of your data.  CV XE GIS provides easy to use and advanced GIS and geographic-demographic-economic analytical features to wide-ranging needs.


See updates below.


Kansas Percent Population Change, 2010-2018 by Township/CCD; see legend for colors

- Census developed these data;

  .. ProximityOne organizes these data and integrates, integrates them with other data

       and puts them into a form that can be effectively, flexibly used.

  .. ProximityOne uses these historical data to develop current estimates and projections

       what's going to change when, where and by how much .. impact on you?

- There are 1,530 Kansas townships, compared to 1,180 census tracts

  .. in many places coterminous

- see more about this GIS project that you can use; related video.




This Guide may be accessed from the ProximityOne home page ( under the menu bar "Analytical Tools" section.  The Guide may be accessed with CV XE running by clicking Help>Guide on the main menu bar.  The Guide may also be accessed from the main CV XE web page


CV XE GIS installer updates are cumulative; e.g. running update on  6/19 includes updates noted for 6/15, etc.




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Upcoming - Data Analytics Web Session -- every Tuesday

CV XE GIS operations & applications review; discuss your applications; get usage tips

... more about the Data Analytics Web Sessions




Shape Viewer/Editor feature expanded

... see about this feature

... requires CV XE GIS installer update to use these data .. requires your userID, register



About GIS ... slideshow/PDF overview updated





All U.S. tracts layer in US1 GIS project and state, metro projects updated

... CSA Combined Statistical Areas layer added.

... see tract field details

... requires CV XE GIS installer update to use these data .. requires your userID, register




CV XE GIS software updated

... GeoGateway census block download feature updated; only this feature affected.

... requires CV XE GIS installer update to use these data .. requires your userID, register




Extending the set of ready-to-use GIS projects

... new: metro focused projects; this set of projects extends/updates over time

... consider opening these projects with File>Open>Favorites; see details



K-12 Schools GIS Project Added




New/expanded Videos

... using CV XE GIS .. various topics .. continuing updates



Updated World by Country GIS Project

... for use in developing multi-county applications



Updated Base GIS Project

... for use in developing GIS projects from scratch



Expanded US1 GIS Project

... default GIS project opened when CV XE GIS starts





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