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Use CV XE GIS to perform wide-ranging geospatial analyses and augment essential decision-making information.  Identify patterns; collaborate using visual representations of your data.  CV XE GIS provides easy to use and advanced GIS and geographic-demographic-economic analytical features to wide-ranging needs.


This Guide may be accessed from the ProximityOne home page ( under the menu bar "Analytical Tools" section.  The Guide may be accessed with CV XE running by clicking Help>Guide on the main menu bar.  The Guide may also be accessed from the main CV XE web page


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10/31/17 Upcoming - Data Analytics Web Session
CV XE GIS operations & applications review; discuss your applications; get usage tips
... more about the Data Analytics Web Sessions

10/23/17 Upcoming - New 2017 Base Project
provides new start-up GIS project distributed with installer (not installer update)
... See about GIS project and related files

10/18/17 Title Panel feature added
enables extended titling for map view.
... Show Title Panel
... Open Title File
... Settings in Configuration/Start-Up Ini file

10/14/17 GeoGateway feature updated
enables access to 2017 Digital Map Database (TIGER 2017) shapefiles
... see feature summary

  Mapping Statistical Data
... Wide range of read-to-use GIS projects & datasets
... frequently updated

recent additions:
- Texas School District Demographic/Enrollment Trends
- see related page

  Data Analytics Lab Sessions feature use & support for CV XE GIS
... Join us in weekly sessions

... CVXEGIS full package installer updates
Re-install suggested if earlier version date
See Help>About on your installed version.
recent updates:
- Script features updated
- CSA layer/shapefile added to default US1.gis project; see related page
- Business Patterns -- extension feature added; see related page
  Find Address feature updated
... key in address; auto create point shapefile; save for re-use
... more information





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