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Decision-Making Information Data Resources

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Decision-Making Information Data Resources

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Decision-Making Information Data Resources

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This document provides a documentation for selected data resources available from ProximityOne.

  Decision-Making Information
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Situation & Outlook

Situation & Outlook (S&O) is a multi-dimensional database and information resource available by subscription.

S&O data resources are described in this document.  S&O data resources include:


1.  S&O Current Estimates & Projections


Annual demographic-economic estimates and projections 2008 to 2018;

Census tract up - updated annually

Single Year of Age

DP1 - General Demographics

DP2 - Social Characteristics

DP3 - Economic Characteristics

DP4 - Housing Characteristics

Outlook 36 Month - quarterly - county, metro, state, U.S. - updated quarterly

Outlook 2060 - annual - state, U.S. - updated annually

Outlook 2030 - annual - county, metro, state, U.S. - updated annually


2.  S&O Core Datasets

Census 2010 Demographic Profile 1 Dataset

American Community Survey Demographic Profile Datasets


Additional data resources:


Estimates and Projections

Census 2010

American Community Survey

Census 2000

K-12 Education

Establishments, Employment and Earnings


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