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Public Use Microdata Areas

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Public Use Microdata Areas

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Public Use Microdata Areas

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Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) provide most detailed U.S. wall-to-wall geography (2,378 areas) for which current year demographic-economic data are available and annually updated. Use the related Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) data to develop custom-defined subject matter estimates for one or all PUMAs.


PUMA Summary Statistic Data

2010 vintage PUMA summary statistic data, based on the ACS 2012 1-year estimates, may be accessed via these interactive tables:

 • General Demographics --

 • Social Characteristics --

 • Economic Characteristics --

 • Housing Characteristics --


PUMA Microdata

Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) files provide a way to develop custom estimates of demographic summary statistics for PUMAs, states and the U.S. The American Community Survey (ACS) PUMS files are comprised of samples of individual respondent person and housing unit records. The ACS PUMS files are released annually providing a means to develop similar custom estimates with annual updates.


PUMA10 GIS Project


tl_2013_20_puma10 -- illustrative view



tl_2013_st_puma10 dbf attributes

Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) Shapefile (state-based) Record Layout
tl_2013_[state FIPS]_puma10.shp
STATEFP102String2010 Census state FIPS code
PUMACE105String2010 Census Public Use Microdata Area code
GEOID107String2010 Census nation-based Public Use Microdata Area code; a concatenation of 2010 Census state FIPS code and Public Use Microdata Area code
NAMELSAD10100String2010 Census translated legal/statistical area description code and Public Use Microdata Area name
MTFCC105StringMAF/TIGER feature class code
FUNCSTAT101String2010 Census functional status
ALAND1014Number2010 Census land area
AWATER1014Number2010 Census water area
INTPTLAT1011String2010 Census latitude of the internal point
INTPTLON1012String2010 Census longitude of the internal point

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