Atlanta Area Congressional Districts

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Using Census 2010 TIGER Shapefiles.


Atlanta MSA -- green fill pattern

Atlanta area 111th Congressional Districts -- bold black boundary

Atlanta city -- orange fill pattern -- contained entirely with 111th CD 5


How will they change after redistricting with Census 2010 data?

Congressional district demographics --


Comparing demographics for a congressional district to demographics for other areas ... tools & examples:


General Population and Housing Characteristics: Census 2010

Comparative Analysis based on Demographic Profile Summary File -- May 2011

- Atlanta city - Fulton County - Georgia CD #5 --


Demographic-Economic Profiles: ACS 2009

Comparative Analysis based on ACS 2009 --

- Atlanta city - Fulton County - Georgia CD #5 --


See second view following this map showing zoom-in of CD 4-5-6-11-13 areas showing with 2010 census blocks


Zoom-in view of CD 4-5-6-11-13 areas with Census 2010 census blocks


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