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Selected CommunityViewer project/application views in Kansas.

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Integrating Census 2010 TIGER Shapefiles, ACS 2009 5-year demographics, Census 2010 demographics and related data.


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Kansas school district demographics:
Kansas census tract demographics:
Census 2010 demographics:

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Selected Southeast Kansas Views & Site Analysis


Southeast Kansas Zoom-in View


Educational Attainment by School District

 Percent high school graduate (population 25 years and over) by school district.

 Data based on 2009 American Community Survey ( 5-year estimates, centric to mid-2007.

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See thematic pattern scale in legend at left of map.


County boundaries gray with transparency; county name at county center with white background label.

School district name label with yellow background.

Additional school district label "S095YR66" -- percent high school graduate in district (ACS 2009 5-year estimate).

See list of additional subject matter items that could be displayed (numerically or thematic pattern):



Site Analysis: School Districts & Population 18-34 Years of Age


The following view illustrates use of the CV site analysis tool to examine the population ages 18-34, based on the 2009 ACS 5-year estimates, by school district for those school districts touching or contained within a 25 mile radius from the center of Allen County.  The total number is 10,867 (upper right table in graphic); code for school districts included are listed in the lower right listbox.  Any radius could be chosen or cherry-pick select and aggregate automatically.  This example shows use of school districts but other geography, such as census tracts, block groups or whole counties could be used.


Examining Change  (2000-2007) by Census Tract


Use to examine population and housing units in 2000 and change since 2000.  The following graphic illustrates a query to view only Kansas tracts (using dropdown selector below table).



Click a link in the TractCode column to view a map of the tract:


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