Illustrating use of CommunityViewer to view/analyze K-12 schools, school districts in context of school district community with drill down to the intersection level focused on Oneida CSD, NY.  These views show the Oneida CSD, NY base level School District GeoDemographic Information System (SDGIS).  Geocoded student data are not shown.


View demographic-economic trends profile for Madison County, NY and Oneida County, NY; access other county demographic profiles via ranking table links.


Oneida CSD in Context of Region

Places 20,000 population and over shown with blue markers (yellow label).


Oneida CSD SDGIS Start-up View

Geocoded student layer not shown.


Oneida CSD in Context of Places/Cities

Places shown with yellow fill pattern.  Identify tool used to show mini profile of Oneida city.


Oneida CSD in Context of Towns

Towns/county subdivisions shown with green fill pattern and dark green boundary.  Town labels shown with white solid fill pattern.

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