Houston Area -- Census 2010 & ACS 2005-09

Selected CV XE GIS project/application views in Texas.

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Integrating shapefiles, ACS demographics, Census 2010 demographics, estimates & projections and related data.


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Harris County:  Median Household Income Percent Change 2000-2007 by Census Tract


Clear Creek ISD Zoom-in View

Clear Creek ISD school district; southeast Harris County area.

School districts appear with bold black boundary.

Showing all roads

Clear Creek ISD Area - Tract Boundaries


Tracts appear with lighter black boundary; census tract geocode shown as yellow label.

Pointer is at Harris/Galveston county line.



Clear Creek ISD .. Zoom-In to North Section


Tracts appear with bold green boundary.

All roads shown -- Harris Cty Roads checked on in legend panel.


Viewing Census Blocks


Census blocks shown with red boundary.

Identify tool used to show mini-profile of sample block.



Further Zoom-in Showing Block & Street Relationships


Census block code shown as label in census block (not all appear due to overlap control setting).



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