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School District Decision Making Information
Main Page

... updated periodically with topics relating to New York data access and use.

Selected Topics

New York Decision Making Information Projects
  -- ready-to-use integrated, multi-sourced demographic/economic data organized by metro

School District Ranking Table ... rank/view New York districts with other U.S. school districts

Socio-Economic Status Analysis Using GIS -- Westchester County, NY Demo

Interactive Google Maps for Selected County Areas with School District Boundaries

Albany-Rensselaer Niagara
Madison-Oneida Saratoga
Monroe Suffolk
Onondaga Sullivan
Nassau Westchester

Nassau County Lighthouse at Long Island

  -- Interactive Map of Hub Site and School/Demographic Characteristics
  -- Uniondale School District: Demographic Characteristics & Patterns

Using GIS Tools and GeoDemographics to Analyze Student Performance
  DATAG Summer Conference Sessions; July 12-14, 2006 at Saratoga Springs

Metros, Counties, Places, Small Area Data [goto top]
New York Metropolitan Areas
    ... interactive metro - Google API maps with demographic data access

Official New York County Population Estimates and Trends
    ... national county demographics integrated into a ready-to-use shapefile for mapping.

New York County Detailed Age-Gender-Race/Ethnicity Demographic Updates
    ... access latest county demographic data.

New York City/Place Demographic Updates
    ... access latest city/place demographic data.

New York Census Tract Demographics
    ... download the New York census tracts demographics zip file.
    ... use data as further described at

New York Census Bureau American Community Survey Profiles
    ... access the latest demographic estimates for New York areas.

Mapping & Geographic Information Systems [goto top]

Socio-Economic Status Analysis Using GIS -- Westchester County, NY
    ... SES pattern analysis with multiple geographic entities relating to school districts.

Interactive Google Maps with School District Boundaries -- Demonstration Application
    ... view any shapefile boundary integrated with Google interactive maps.
    ... enabled using Proximity Shp2Xml software.

New York Map Files
    ... access map files in shapefile structure for use with your mapping software.
    ... new -- updated 12/05 more detailed/precise map files.

Albany County, NY Map Project
    ... use this map project to view geodemographic maps of this area on your computer.

Schools & School Districts [goto top]

New York Public Schools Geocoded by Proximity
  ... use the geocoded data (shapefile) to analyze areas and topics of interest to you.

Analysis of New York School District Demographic Patterns and Characteristics

Geospatial Analysis of Schools Needing Improvement
  ... demonstration applications feature New York City area schools

New York School District Demographics
    ... access basic Census 2000 school districts demographics.
    ... no-fee registration required.

New York School District Demographics -- Interactive Comparative Analysis
    ... access detailed Census 2000 school district demographics.
    ... view comparative analyses of New York school districts.
    ... registration required.

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