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SDViewer is an integrated software and database resource designed to support national to regional to school level analysis of K-12 education agencies and programs. The SDViewer start-up view, as shown below, displays the national set of approximately 14,500 school districts.

click for larger view

Click on a school district name in the upper right listbox and the district flashes red and appears with a yellow solid fill pattern. In the above example, the red flash can be seen at the location of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Thematic Patterns. Use SDViewer to create thematic maps such as the one shown below. This map shows unified school districts by percent population in poverty. Click for larger view (and expand browser window for best view).

click for larger view

Features and Benefits from Using SDViewer

Features include the ability to:
  • Immediately access any school district in query or mapview form .
  • Research and examine national scope issues.
  • Drill down to street and school for neighborhood level analysis.
  • Find out where school districts are located that meet your specified criteria.
  • View school district demographics in tabular or thematic map form.
  • View all school districts on a single map window.
  • View school districts in context of counties or metropolitan areas.
  • Zoom in to view characteristics of a street or neighborhood.
  • Automatically add TIGER/Line data at no fee and with no conversion.
  • Automatically access and integrate no fee shapefiles for many different types of geography.
  • Use up-and-running GIS (Geographic Information System) with wide-ranging GIS capabilities.
  • Identify school district by ZIP code.
  • Add custom developed shapefiles from any source.
  • Integrate your own data.
  • Create custom reference or thematic maps and save or print.

Acquiring and Using SDViewer: Additional Information. SDViewer is a PC-based software and database system. SDViewer will operate on most any Windows based computer although an XP-based computer with access to Internet is suggested. For additional information contact Proximity. Include your e-mail address for a reply and note that you are requesting SDViewer information.

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