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Congressional District Gallery -- 114th Congress
-- analyzing geographic, demographic and economic patterns by congressional district

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This document provides thematic pattern maps for individual 114th Congressional Districts (in session January 2015 to January 2017). The maps show patterns economic prosperity by neighborhood in context of the congressional district boundary. Maps have been developed using the CV XE GIS software and related Geographic Information System (GIS) project.

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In each state section, initial graphic(s) show a statewide view of 114th Congressional Districts followed by individual 114th CD views. Individual CD focus maps show the CD boundary in context with a Census 2010 census tract thematic map. Patterns of economic prosperity are shown based on American Community Survey 2013 estimates of median household income (MHI). In CD focus maps, see colors associated with MHI intervals in legend at left of map view. Hundreds of other subject matter are available.

Using this Document
Select a state by clicking the state name in the panal at the left. Individual congressional districts are presented sequentially. Use buttons located at upper right of screen to ... navigate among topics, view topic directory, print a topic, send feedback to ProximityOne on a topic, and auto expand/contract toggles for a topic/page.

A specific congressional district may be referenced using this URL structure:
-- an example for Illinois (il) congressional district 5 (il05)
-- use links like this in your own pages to refer others to a CD of interest.

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