Layer Editor - Part 2 - Creating/Managing Intervals


Using the CV XE GIS Layer Editor - Part 2

Creating/Managing Intervals


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This video uses:

.. CV XE GIS software

.. US1.GIS project (placed on your computer by CV XE GIS installer).


Related resources:

.. about GIS

.. about the US1 GIS project .. in this guide

.. about the Legend Panel .. in this guide

.. about the Layer Editor .. in this guide


Click this link to start video (active link when video available).


Topics reviewed in video:

.. what is the purpose of the Layer Editor?

.. the Layer Editor is central to CV XE GIS operation.

  - it is used to control how a layer is displayed in the Map Window,

    and how settings for a layer are stored in the GIS project file.

.. starting the Layer Editor.


.. operations of the Layer Editor.

  - review of tabs at top of Layer Editor Form.

.. operations may alter structure of Active GIS Project.

.. saving the Active GIS Project.


.. creating a 5-interval MSA thematic map


Changes made to a GIS using the Layer Editor are not permanent unless the Active GIS Project is saved.  Saving a GIS project requires CV XE GIS Level 1 or higher.


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