Selected CV XE GIS project/application views in California.

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Integrating shapefiles, ACS demographics, Census 2010 demographics, estimates & projections and related data.


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California school district demographics:
California census tract demographics:
Census 2010 demographics:

 (all US geography: state, congressional district, county, school district, city/place, metro)


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View demographic-economic trends profile for Fresno County, CA; access other county demographic profiles via ranking table links.


Fresno, CA Area Schools & School Districts

School districts shown by type; see legend at left. Places shown with green fill pattern; K-12 public & private schools shown as markers.


Site Analysis:  School Districts Within 25 miles of Fresno

Illustrates using the Site Analysis feature to draw a 25 mile radius circle from center of Fresno.

Any other selection (different radius,  cherry-picking, grouped selections, etc) can be made dynamically.
Selected school districts that intersect with the circle are cross-hatched/selected.
Upper right table shows there are 53 districts with 235,026 students in these selected school districts
Lower right section lists Federal school district code for each school district included in the selection.
Places are shown with green fill pattern; school districts are shown by type in legend.
New shapefile with selections is created.


List of Districts from Selections Shapefile DBF

Partial list of 53 school districts in set of selected districts.  Illustrates how the selections shapefile dbf can be opened using (for example) Excel and view just selected items.



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