Tennessee School District Finances

Using CVXE GIS to examine school district revenue and expenditure patterns.  View/analyze school district financial patterns in context of wide ranging other geography.


School district main section: http://proximityone.com/sddmi.htm

Analyzing the school district community patterns and characteristics: http://proximityone.com/sdcommunity.htm

School district finances main section: http://proximityone.com/sdfa11.htm

- CV XE S&O Financial Analysis

113th Congressional Districts -- http://proximityone.com/cd113.htm

- Tennessee neighborhood patterns of economic prosperity by Congressional District -- http://proximityone.com/cdgallery/guide/tn.htm  


Tennessee 2011 Federal Revenue as Percent of Total Revenue by School District

- Percent interval/color patterns shown in legend at left of map

- 113th Congressional Districts -- black boundaries with yellow labels


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