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The "graying of America" matters to all of us for many reasons, too many to list here. Some are members of this age group and almost everyone is connected to many people in this age group. The growth of this age group is about to accelerate as baby-boomers start to turn 65. This section is focused on the graying of America in terms of the population 65 years and over as of 2008 and its distribution by metropolitan area.

This section will update in June 2011 with Census 2010 data.

The population 65 years and over varies widely by metropolitan area. Based on 2008 population estimates, the percent population ages 65 years and over ranged from 4.77% in the Edwards, CO MISA to 32.24% in the Sebring, FL MISA. Use the interactive ranking table in this section to rank and compare metropolitan areas based on selected measures of the population 65 years and over.

The 940 metros ("core-based statistical areas") are comprised of one or more contiguous counties based on a Federal standard and statistical measures estimated by the Census Bureau. Designated by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, and revised annually based on demographic changes, metropolitan areas are categorized as Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) or Micropolitan Statistical Areas (MISAs). More about metros.

Overall, based on 2008 population estimates, the 38.8 million population ages 65 years and over comprise 12.8% of the U.S. total population of 304.06 million population.
  • 93.7 percent of the total population are in metro areas
  • 16.8 percent of the population outside of metropolitan areas (19.2 million) are 65 years and over (3.2 million).
  • 12.5 percent of the population inside metropolitan areas (284.8 million) are 65 years or older (35.6 million).

Population 65 Years and Over by Metropolitan Area Interactive Ranking Table (2/1/10)
  Click column header to sort; click again to sort other direction. See related Ranking Tables Main Page

Using the Filters. To select metros within a state, after clicking the Show All button, select the state with the State filter dropdown below table. To select metros by type of metro, after clicking the Show All button, select the metro type with the Metro filter dropdown below table. Once either the State or Metro filter has been applied, re-sort on attributes to view ranking based on that item. To restore to view to all metros, click the Show All button. To find a metro by name (any partial string) in metros name column, click Show All button, key in the text (case-sensitive), then click Find in Name button. To restore to start-up view, refresh the page.

Within State Analysis. To examine attributes of metros within a state proceed as follows. Click Show All button. Select a state (e.g., CA). Select a metro type (e.g. MISA). Now click a header column to sort this group in either direction. Repeat as desired.

Thematic Map Views
Percent Population 65 years and over by CBSA [see larger view]

Percent Population 65 years and over by MSA [see larger view]

Additional Information
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