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Accessing & Using TIGER/DMD Files
  -- Faces Shapefile Attributes

The Faces table (faces.dbf) contains the attributes of each face (side of edge). Each face has a unique TFID value. The face geometries can be built from the All Lines/Edges shapefile using the edge left and right face relationships. Each edge contains a TFIDL (left-side) and TFIDR (right-side) that can be used to link to the Faces TFID value.

The Faces table structure presented below shows 2012 vintage fields; 2013 vintage fields are similar but include OMB 2013 CBSA codes and 113th Congressional District codes. Fields with ** are not part of the TIGER structure and are unique to the DMD structure. The TIGER Editor can be used to derive the original TIGER data/records from this DMD version.
DFID ** 10IntegerDMD permanent face ID
STATUS ** 1StringDMD review Status
TFID10IntegerTIGER permanent face ID
STATEFP102String2010 Census state FIPS code
COUNTYFP103String2010 Census county FIPS code
TRACTCE106String2010 Census census tract code
BLKGRPCE101String2010 Census block group number
BLOCKCE104String2010 Census tabulation block number
VTDST106String2010 Census voting district code
ZCTA5CE105String2010 Census 5-digit ZCTA code
UACE105String2010 Census urban area code
UGACE105String2010 Census urban growth area code
PUMACE105String2010 Census public use microdata area code
STATEFP2StringCurrent state FIPS code
COUNTYFP3StringCurrent county FIPS code
TRACTCE6StringCurrent census tract code
BLKGRPCE1StringCurrent block group number
BLOCKCE4StringCurrent tabulation block number
SUFFIX1CE1StringCurrent Census block suffix 1
COUSUBFP5StringCurrent county subdivision FIPS code
SUBMCDFP5StringCurrent subminor civil division FIPS code
ESTATEFP5StringCurrent estate FIPS code
CONCTYFP5StringCurrent consolidated city FIPS code
PLACEFP5StringCurrent place FIPS code
AIANNHFP5NumberCurrent AI/AN/NH area FIPS code
AIANNHCE4StringCurrent AI/AN/NH area census code
COMPTYP1StringCurrent AI/AN/NH area reservation/statistical area or off-reservation trust land Hawaiian home land indicator
TRSUBFP5NumberCurrent American Indian tribal subdivision FIPS code
TRSUBCE3StringCurrent American Indian tribal subdivision code
ANRCFP5StringCurrent Alaska Native Regional Corporation FIPS code
TTRACTCE6StringCurrent tribal census tract code
TBLKGPCE1StringCurrent tribal block group letter
ELSDLEA5StringCurrent elementary school district local education agency code
SCSDLEA5StringCurrent secondary school district local education agency code
UNSDLEA5StringCurrent unified school district local education agency code
CD112FP2String112th congressional district FIPS code
SLDUST3StringCurrent state legislative district upper chamber code
SLDLST3StringCurrent state legislative district lower chamber code
CSAFP3StringCurrent Combined statistical area code
CBSAFP5StringCurrent Metropolitan statistical area/micropolitan statistical area code
METDIVFP5StringCurrent Metropolitan division code
CNECTAFP3StringCurrent Combined New England city and town area code (New England states only)
NECTAFP5StringCurrent New England city and town area code (New England states only)
NCTADVFP5StringCurrent New England city and town area division code (New England states only)
LWFLAG1StringLand/water flag
OFFSET1StringGeographic corridor/offset flag
ATOTAL14NumberTotal Area
INTPTLAT11StringLatitude of the internal point
INTPTLON12StringLongitude of the internal point
ZIP9 **9StringZIP+4 code
ZONE1 **5StringZone 1 code
ZONE2 **5StringZone 2 code
ZONE3 **5StringZone 3 code
AI/AN/NH -- American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian

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