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Accessing & Using TIGER/DMD Files
  -- Points/Locations/Schools Shapefile Attributes

The Points/Locations/Schools (points.shp) corresponds to the TIGER Landmark Points shapefile (pointlm.shp). The TIGER pointlm shapefiles contain attributes of landmark points. For TIGER 2012, there are approximately 785,000 landmark points in the 50 states and DC pointlm.shp files. Landmark points are not a primary content for the Census Bureau. The scope of landmark points is not well developed in the TIGER shapefiles, many points are missing names and the quality of the MTFCC code assignment can be improved.

There are approximately 130,000 U.S. public and private K-12 schools (MTFCC category K2543). There are only 9,163 point records coded with MTFCC K2543 in TIGER 2012. The term "school" appears in the FULLNAME field in only 5,720 point records. A very large number of point record FULLNAME values are empty. For schools, many are named in the manner Mid Schl or High Schl with no identifying school name.

K-12 school (public, private) and establishment locations are priorities in the DMD Point shapefile.

Fields with ** are not part of the TIGER structure and are unique to the DMD structure. The TIGER Editor can be used to derive the original TIGER data/records from this DMD version.
DPOINTID ** 10stringDMD permanent point ID
STATUS ** 1StringDMD review Status
DFCC **6StringDMD Feature Class Code
NAICS ** 6StringNAICS code
PARENTID ** 10StringMulti-location parent ID
DLID ** 10IntegerDMD permanent edge ID where point located
DFID **10IntegerDMD permanent face ID where point located
ADDRESS **12StringAddress number
STATEFP2StringState FIPS code
COUNTYFP3StringCounty FIPS code
ANSICODE /18StringGNIS code
POINTID22StringPoint landmark ID
FULLNAME100StringFull Name
MTFCC5StringMAF/TIGER Feature Class Code

1/ not used in DMD
DLID is the edge/road ID on which point is located (enables lookup of road attributes).
DFID is the edge/road face ID on which point is located (enables lookup of all face features).

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