Selected CVXE GIS project/applications focused on the American Community Survey (ACS -- 2010 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) workforce special tabulation.  Click toggle in Table of Contents at left to view different geography/applications.


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This section is focused on integrating Census 2010 TIGER Shapefiles with Census 2010, ACS and related data.




Illustrating ACS 2010 EEO/Workforce Geography

Houston, Texas area; metros shown with bold red-brown boundary.

EEO/Workforce "County Sets" shown with black boundaries and CS labels.


Pointer near Houston MSA boundary and within the 3-county countyset area (code CS48006) comprised of Austin, Waller and Washington counties.  Countysets are de facto workforce data tabulation areas made up of county building blocks, covering the U.S. wall-to-wall, and comprised of one or more counties with a countyset total population of 50,000 or more.  The approximate 1,400 countyset areas average 2+ counties per countyset area with many comprised of one county.



Illustrating ACS 2010 EEO/Workforce Geography

Missouri focus with metros shown with bold red-brown boundary.

EEO/Workforce "County Sets" shown with gray boundaries and CS labels.

CV XE GIS Site Analysis tool used to show demographic profile (right) for a 4-county region.  Cross-hatched selection in lower left.  "D" items in profile from Census 2010 Demographic Profile1 -- total population (d0010001) and population by 5-year age cohort.


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