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China's mid-year 2009 population is estimated to be 1.324 billion and projected to peak at 1.395 billion in 2026. The median age is projected to increase from 34.7 years (2009) to 41 years (2026), as the population 75 years and over grows from 41.2 million (2009) to 73.1 million (2026). How will demographic change occur? Which cities/regions will grow most rapidly? How will regional population composition be affected? This set of China-focused Web pages and related resources illustrate use of analytical tools and geodemographics to help answer these types of questions. Effective access to and use of decision-making information is critical to the success of planning by business, governments and others. This section will be expanded in January/February providing more detailed estimates and projections.

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Initial focus of these resources is on China cities, provinces and urban/rural geodemographics. The Web pages and related resources are an evolving resource/tool set. Interactive map Web pages have been initially developed to illustrate use of Google Maps API to view/analyze China city locations and demographic attributes. CommunityViewer GIS applications contain the same data, expanded to include other data, and enable addition of your own data as well as a much richer analytical capacity.

Urban/Rural Geographic Designations and Analysis see more

Using the Interactive Maps see more

About the Data and Development
City locations have been geocoded using the Proximity CommunityViewer GIS geocoder. The CV Tools>Find Address (batch) feature has been used to create a city location point/marker shapefile and corresponding XML file. To create the interactive maps described above, the XML file is processed by the Proximity code interfacing access to the Google Maps API. The HTML pages are initially designed to illustrate the process and will be expanded. The shapefiles can be used with the CV GIS software (or any software with ability to process shapefiles) and knitted together with other types of map layers/shapefiles (roads, market/trade areas, stores/any location(s), etc.)

Proximity develops geodemographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data.

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