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VDAGIS Group is composed of VDA GIS users and those interested in the Visual Data Analytics (VDA) Geographic Information System (GIS) resources and their use/application. This group is focused on those with little or no GIS experience ranging to those with extensive GIS experience. Information provided to the group is intended to be a learning experience on matters concerning access to and use of Federal geostatistical data in context of selected applications and integration of other data.

A weekly email is sent to participants that reviews recent and upcoming developments. The VDAGIS Update provides information on VDAGIS projects and related data files and their use. The VDAGIS Update also provides information on new or modified features of VDA Desktop GIS and VDA Web GIS.

Join in ... Register here to join the no fee VDAGIS Network.

Thursday Data Analytics Web Sessions
Join us in the every Thursday GIS & GeoSpatial Analytics Web Sessions. See how you can use VDA GIS tools and access different subject matter for related geography. Get your geographic, demographic, data access & use questions answered. Discuss applications with others.

Selected VDAGIS Email Updates .. goto top
Project updates
• New no login VDA Web Base .. start here
    .. new VDA Web Base section

Feature updates
• VDAD (Desktop) Feature Update
    .. Table Querie Feature updated .. examples using the STATES layer
        SQL Filter Example 1: AREANAME,STAB,REPS20
        SQL Filter Example 2: AREANAME,STAB,POP10,POP110 WHERE POP10>2500000

Three related updates
1. New no login VDA Web Base .. start here
2. New VDA Web Base project
3. Updated iPhone/mobile interface

1. New no login VDA Web Base .. start here
More generally click the VDA Web Base link in the left column on ProximityOne Main page
Click link as shown in graphic below .. use any browser, any device

2. New VDA Web Base project
The VDA Web Base link opens the new VDA Web Base GIS project.
This selection of layers and more details will be updated next week.

3. Updated iPhone/mobile interface
The iPhone/mobile interface differs slightly from regular interface.
Start VDA Web Base .. start here (or left column on ProximityOne Main page)
.. this automatically opens the VDA Base project
.. to open other projects use the Menu feature to Login

Applications .. try this with your iPhone/mobile device; also works with any device/browser.

Two steps to locate/map/view a census tract based on address
.. enter address, maybe only enter ZIP 85258 to illustrate (in Scottsdale, AZ)
.. at refreshed zoom view, click blue marker on map
.. tract boundary appears; see tract code & demographics in profile below map
.. the tract code is 04013216807

Where is my Congressional Community and what are its attributes?
Locate/map/view a Congressional Community (CC) based on address
.. make active layer Congressional Communities (select from upper left dropdown)
.. enter address, maybe only enter 85258 to illustrate (ZIP code in Scottsdale, AZ)
.. at refreshed zoom view, click blue marker on map
.. CC boundary appears; see CC code & demographics in profile below map
.. the CC code 0401010 .. CD118 AZ 01 010

Use similar procedure to locate/map/view metros, counties, cities, school districts.

About VDA GIS .. goto top
There are two VDA GIS tools that have similar features that can be used separately or together. Each is a decision-making information resource designed to help stakeholders create and apply insight. VDA Web GIS is access/used with only a Web browser; nothing to install; GIS experience not required. VDA Desktop GIS is installed on a Windows computer and provides a broader range of capabilities compared to VDA Web GIS. VDA GIS resources have been developed and are maintained by Warren Glimpse, ProximityOne (Alexandria, VA) and Takashi Hamilton, Tsukasa Consulting (Osaka, Japan).

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