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Changing World Demographics

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Updated 2008 world population estimates and projections by country, show that the world population is projected to grow from 6.1 billion in 2000 to 9.5 billion by 2050, an increase of 3.5 billion (57.76%).

Use the interactive ranking table (Internet Explorer recommended) to examine how individual countries are changing. Click on a column header to sort; click again to sort in the other direction. See ranking tables to view other geography and subject matter.

Updated world by country demographic estimates and projections were completed by the Census Bureau in the summer 2008. The data cover 226 countries and areas. Subject matter include midyear population, area and density; population by age and gender; birth and death, migration and growth rates; births, deaths and migrants; life expectancy and mortality rate; and fertility. See for more information.

Proximity has integrated these data into a world by country shapefile enabling visual analysis of demographic composition and trends. The following two sample graphics illustrate how population distribution and size in Africa compare between 2007 and 2050. Using the CommunityViewer, you can add further detailed, sub-national, geography and your own data. Assess the implications of these changing demographics on issues of interest to you.

2008 Population in Africa

Click for larger view then press F11 key

2050 Population in Africa

Click for larger view then press F11 key

Analyze world by country demographic composition and trends using the CommunityViewer software with the ready-to-use World demographic trends project and files. Integrate your own data. Assess evolving opportunities and needs. Contact Proximity for more information (key in 'world demographics' in text section).

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