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Business Establishment Characteristics by ZIP Code

Among all approximate 38,800 ZIP codes in the U.S.with business establishments, ZIP Code 10001 has more than 7,200 establishments. 9 of the top 10 ZIP codes, ranked on total number of business establishments, are located in Manhattan (New York County, NY); the 10th largest in Miami. Use the interactive table below to examine ZIP code business establishment characteristics of interest.

Business establishments are the places of employment that drive and characterize the economy. ZIP codes are the smallest geography for which business establishment data are available. ZIP code business patterns data can help stakeholders identify areas of employment, business opportunities and more. While we can obtain employment data (by place of residence) for ZIP code areas from the American Community Survey 5-year estimates (ACS), the number of establishments and employment by place of work are only available from the ZIP business patterns data. More about these data.

Use tools described in this section to analyze patterns and characteristics of ZIP code business patterns. The interactive table provides data on the characteristics of business establishments for 2012 and 2013 by ZIP code. Use the GIS tools and related GIS project to develop variations of the views shown below.

Establishments by ZIP Code in Los Angeles Area
- number of establishments; click graphic for larger view

- View developed using CV XE GIS and related GIS project.

Employment by ZIP Code in Los Angeles Area
- employment by place of work for all ZBP establishments

- View developed using CV XE GIS and related GIS project.

ZIP Code Business Patterns Interactive Ranking Table
  See usage notes below ranking table. See related ranking tables.

Usage Notes
  • Click on a column header to sort on that column; click column header again to sort in other direction.
  • Click ShowAll button to show all areas and restore full set of data view.
  • Click State to view ZIPs in a selected state (click ShowAll between selections).
  • Find by Name: key in partial area name in text box to right of Find-in-Name button
      then click button to locate all matches (case sensitive).
  • See related ranking tables.

Column Header Descriptions
  • ZIP -- ZIP code
  • City -- city name
  • County -- county name
  • St - state USPS code
  • Establishments -- 2012
  • Establishments -- 2013
  • Establishments -- 2012-2013 change
  • Establishments -- 2012-2013 percent change
  • F1 -- 2012 Data Suppression Flag
    -- employment size class for data withheld to avoid disclosure (confidentiality); see table below
  • F2 -- 2012 Total Mid-March Employees Noise Flag; see codes below table
  • Employment -- Mid-March 2012
  • F3 -- 2013 Data Suppression Flag
    -- employment size class for data withheld to avoid disclosure (confidentiality); see table below
  • F4 -- 2013 Total Mid-March Employees Noise Flag; see codes below table
  • Employment -- Mid-March 2013
  • Employment -- 2012-2013 change
  • Employment -- 2012-2013 percent change
  • F5 -- Total First Quarter Payroll Noise Flag -- 2012
  • 1st Quarter Payroll -- 2012 ($000)
  • F6 -- Total First Quarter Payroll Noise Flag -- 2013
  • 1st Quarter Payroll -- 2013 ($000)
  • 1st Quarter Payroll -- 2012-2013 change ($000)
  • 1st Quarter Payroll -- 2012-2013 percent change
  • F7 -- Total Annual Payroll Noise Flag -- 2013
  • Annual Payroll -- 2012 ($000)
  • F8 -- Total Annual Payroll Noise Flag --2013
  • Annual Payroll -- 2013 ($000)
  • Annual Payroll -- 2012-2013 change ($000)
  • Annual Payroll -- 2012-2013 percent change

Disclosure Flags -- employment size class for data withheld to avoid disclosure (confidentiality) or withheld because data do not meet publication standards.
  • A -- 0-19
  • B -- 20-99
  • C -- 100-249
  • E -- 250-499
  • F -- 500-999
  • G -- 1,000-2,499
  • H -- 2,500-4,999
  • I -- 5,000-9,999
  • J -- 10,000-24,999
  • K -- 25,000-49,999
  • L -- 50,000-99,999
  • M -- 100,000 or More
When the Flag cell contains one of these values, the employment cell value has been assigned to the midpoint of the corresponding employment range shown above.

Compare Selected ZIPs
Locate a ZIP/row of interest. Right-click the row; it turns blue; select Copy on dropdown; the row is copied to clipboard. Open Excel or preferred tool. Paste clipboard to a row/cell. Repeat this process for additional ZIP codes. Please reference the source of any use of these data as: ProximityOne and Census Bureau and add the link to this page:

More Detailed Data by ZIP Code -- Type of Business
More detailed business establishment characteristics are available by ZIP Code, summarized by NAICS Code.
NAICSIndustry Code - 6-digit NAICS code.
ESTTotal Number of Establishments
N1_4Number of Establishments: Employment Size Class: 1-4 Employees
N5_9Number of Establishments: Employment Size Class: 5-9 Employees
N10_19 Number of Establishments: Employment Size Class: 10-19 Employees
N20_49Number of Establishments: Employment Size Class: 20-49 Employees
N50_99Number of Establishments: Employment Size Class: 50-99 Employees
N100_249 Number of Establishments: Employment Size Class: 100-249 Employees
N250_499Number of Establishments: Employment Size Class: 250-499 Employees
N500_999Number of Establishments: Employment Size Class: 500-999 Employees
N1000Number of Establishments: Employment Size Class: 1,000 Or More Employees

Illustrative View of Subject Matter Detail for ZIP 64112 -- scroll section -- see map below
(intermediate 3, 4 and 5 digit summary levels not shown)
Columns show number of establishments by employment size class
Example ... scroll down to NAICS code 62 -- Health Care and Social Assistance. See distribution of number of establishments (54 total) by type of business by employment size class. There are 19 Offices of Dentists, 4 of which have 10-19 employees.
64112 Total61327411286714419700
6411211Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting1100000000
64112115113Crop Harvesting, Primarily by Machine1100000000
6411221Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction1100000000
64112211111Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction1100000000
64112236115New Single-Family Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders)1100000000
64112236118Residential Remodelers3300000000
64112236220Commercial and Institutional Building Construction2100100000
64112237110Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction1001000000
64112238110Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors1010000000
64112238140Masonry Contractors1100000000
64112238160Roofing Contractors1100000000
64112311330Sugar and Confectionery Product Manufacturing1010000000
64112332431Metal Can Manufacturing1100000000
6411242Wholesale Trade13721020100
64112423430Computer and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software Merchants1100000000
64112423690Other Electronic Parts and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers1100000000
64112423720Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies (Hydronics) Merchants1000010000
64112423910Sporting and Recreational Goods and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers1010000000
64112424450Confectionery Merchant Wholesalers1000000100
64112424480Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Merchant Wholesalers1100000000
64112424510Grain and Field Bean Merchant Wholesalers2010010000
64112424720Petroleum and Petroleum Products Merchant Wholesalers (except Bulk)1100000000
64112425120Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers4301000000
6411244Retail Trade1023031221432000
64112442299All Other Home Furnishings Stores7122200000
64112443112Electronics and Appliance Stores1100000000
64112443120Electronics and Appliance Stores2010001000
64112445110Supermarkets and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores1000100000
64112445291Baked Goods Stores2110000000
64112445299All Other Specialty Food Stores3020100000
64112445310Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores1100000000
64112446110Pharmacies and Drug Stores4031000000
64112446120Cosmetics, Beauty Supplies, and Perfume Stores6131010000
64112446130Optical Goods Stores4310000000
64112447110Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores1001000000
64112448110Men's Clothing Stores5032000000
64112448120Women's Clothing Stores15266100000
64112448130Children's and Infants' Clothing Stores2010010000
64112448140Family Clothing Stores12222510000
64112448150Clothing Accessories Stores2011000000
64112448190Other Clothing Stores3101100000
64112448210Shoe Stores7412000000
64112448310Jewelry Stores8321200000
64112448320Luggage and Leather Goods Stores2200000000
64112451130Sewing, Needlework, and Piece Goods Stores2110000000
64112451211Book Stores1000100000
64112452111Department Stores (except Discount Department Stores)1000001000
64112452990All Other General Merchandise Stores1100000000
64112453210Office Supplies and Stationery Stores1100000000
64112453220Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Stores4211000000
64112453310Used Merchandise Stores2200000000
64112453920Art Dealers1100000000
64112453991Tobacco Stores1001000000
6411248Transportation and Warehousing11442100000
64112483111Deep Sea Freight Transportation1100000000
64112484110General Freight Trucking, Local1100000000
64112484220Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Local6230100000
64112485320Limousine Service1001000000
64112488991Packing and Crating1010000000
64112492110Couriers and Express Delivery Services1001000000
64112511120Periodical Publishers1000010000
64112511210Software Publishers1100000000
64112512110Motion Picture and Video Production3210000000
64112512131Motion Picture Theaters (except Drive-Ins)2001010000
64112515112Radio Stations3200001000
64112515120Television Broadcasting1000001000
64112517210Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)1100000000
64112518210Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services2200000000
6411252Finance and Insurance90411714853200
64112522110Commercial Banking16525220000
64112522120Savings Institutions1000001000
64112522220Sales Financing1100000000
64112522292Real Estate Credit1010000000
64112522310Mortgage and Nonmortgage Loan Brokers1100000000
64112522320Financial Transactions Processing, Reserve, and Clearinghouse1100000000
64112522390Other Activities Related to Credit Intermediation1001000000
64112523110Investment Banking and Securities Dealing5112010000
64112523120Securities Brokerage11421220000
64112523130Commodity Contracts Dealing1100000000
64112523140Commodity Contracts Brokerage5311000000
64112523210Securities and Commodity Exchanges1001000000
64112523910Miscellaneous Intermediation4310000000
64112523920Portfolio Management8610100000
64112523930Investment Advice8421100000
64112523991Trust, Fiduciary, and Custody Activities3120000000
64112523999Miscellaneous Financial Investment Activities1010000000
64112524113Direct Life Insurance Carriers1010000000
64112524126Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers1000100000
64112524210Insurance Agencies and Brokerages15811102200
64112524291Claims Adjusting3111000000
64112524292Third Party Administration of Insurance and Pension Funds1100000000
6411253Real Estate and Rental and Leasing483145610100
64112531110Lessors of Residential Buildings and Dwellings10414100000
64112531120Lessors of Nonresidential Buildings (except Miniwarehouses)7500200000
64112531210Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers11810110000
64112531311Residential Property Managers9611000100
64112531312Nonresidential Property Managers1000100000
64112531390Other Activities Related to Real Estate3200100000
64112532210Consumer Electronics and Appliances Rental1100000000
64112532230Video Tape and Disc Rental1010000000
64112532412Construction, Mining, and Forestry Machinery and Equipment Rental1100000000
64112532420Office Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing1100000000
64112532490Other Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment Rental3300000000
6411254Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services104591314763200
64112541110Offices of Lawyers5227107420200
64112541199All Other Legal Services1100000000
64112541211Offices of Certified Public Accountants7202111000
64112541213Tax Preparation Services1100000000
64112541219Other Accounting Services2200000000
64112541310Architectural Services10711010000
64112541320Landscape Architectural Services1001000000
64112541330Engineering Services3200100000
64112541410Interior Design Services1100000000
64112541430Graphic Design Services1001000000
64112541511Custom Computer Programming Services1010000000
64112541512Computer Systems Design Services4400000000
64112541519Other Computer Related Services1100000000
64112541611Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services4400000000
64112541612Human Resources Consulting Services1000010000
64112541613Marketing Consulting Services3210000000
64112541618Other Management Consulting Services1100000000
64112541690Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services2101000000
64112541810Advertising Agencies3000111000
64112541820Public Relations Agencies1100000000
64112541840Media Representatives1000001000
64112541910Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling1100000000
64112541930Translation and Interpretation Services1100000000
64112541940Veterinary Services1001000000
6411255Management of Companies and Enterprises14812201000
64112551112Offices of Other Holding Companies1100000000
64112551114Corporate, Subsidiary, and Regional Managing Offices13712201000
6411256Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Servic221042231000
64112561110Office Administrative Services2200000000
64112561311Employment Placement Agencies1000100000
64112561312Executive Search Services1100000000
64112561320Temporary Help Services4000031000
64112561422Telemarketing Bureaus and Other Contact Centers1000100000
64112561439Other Business Service Centers (including Copy Shops)1010000000
64112561499All Other Business Support Services2110000000
64112561510Travel Agencies2200000000
64112561611Investigation Services1100000000
64112561720Janitorial Services4211000000
64112561730Landscaping Services2011000000
64112561790Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings1100000000
6411261Educational Services9422000100
64112611110Elementary and Secondary Schools3002000100
64112611430Professional and Management Development Training2200000000
64112611511Cosmetology and Barber Schools1100000000
64112611620Sports and Recreation Instruction1010000000
64112611691Exam Preparation and Tutoring1100000000
64112611710Educational Support Services1010000000
6411262Health Care and Social Assistance5429147301000
64112621111Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists)9620100000
64112621112Offices of Physicians, Mental Health Specialists2200000000
64112621210Offices of Dentists261294100000
64112621310Offices of Chiropractors1010000000
64112621320Offices of Optometrists1001000000
64112621330Offices of Mental Health Practitioners (except Physicians)5500000000
64112621391Offices of Podiatrists1010000000
64112621399Offices of All Other Miscellaneous Health Practitioners2100100000
64112621492Kidney Dialysis Centers1001000000
64112621493Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical and Emergency Centers1001000000
64112624110Child and Youth Services1000001000
64112624120Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities2110000000
64112624190Other Individual and Family Services2200000000
6411271Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation6410010000
64112711110Theater Companies and Dinner Theaters1010000000
64112711130Musical Groups and Artists1100000000
64112711320Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events without Facil1100000000
64112713910Golf Courses and Country Clubs1000010000
64112713940Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers1100000000
64112713990All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries1100000000
6411272Accommodation and Food Services7058823206000
64112721110Hotels (except Casino Hotels) and Motels6000321000
64112721191Bed-and-Breakfast Inns1010000000
64112722110Full-Service Restaurants3820410175000
64112722211Limited-Service Restaurants15233700000
64112722213Snack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars8141200000
64112722310Food Service Contractors1000100000
64112722410Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)1000010000
6411281Other Services (except Public Administration)372084410000
64112811192Car Washes2110000000
64112811310Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment1010000000
64112811490Other Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance1100000000
64112812112Beauty Salons7412000000
64112812113Nail Salons1100000000
64112812320Drycleaning and Laundry Services (except Coin-Operated)2110000000
64112813110Religious Organizations7300310000
64112813211Grantmaking Foundations6420000000
64112813311Human Rights Organizations1010000000
64112813410Civic and Social Organizations1100000000
64112813910Business Associations2200000000
64112813990Other Similar Organizations (except Business, Professional, Labor6212100000

CVXE GIS View of ZIP 64112 (red boundary) with mini-profile

ZIP Code Business Data
The annually updated ZIP business data are derived from a confidential register of businesses maintained by the Census Bureau. The register contains a record for each known establishment in the U.S. with employees. An establishment is a single physical location where business transactions take place and for which payroll and employment records are kept. Unlike sample-based household estimates, such as provided by the American Community Survey 5-year estimates (ACS), the ZIP business patterns data are based on data reported by individual businesses. The individual establishment business data are summarized at the ZIP code, county and for higher level geography.

The scope of subject matter is provided in two separate sets of summary data. The "totals" data, as used above in this section, provide data on the total number of establishments, first quarter payroll, employment and annual payroll. The "detailed" data provide summaries for establishments, employment and payroll by industry/business sector (by NAICS codes).

Most NAICS industries are included. Crop and animal production (NAICS 111,112), rail transportation (NAICS 482), Postal Service (NAICS 491), pension, health, welfare, and vacation funds (NAICS 525110, 525120, 525190), trusts, estates, and agency accounts (NAICS 525920), private households (NAICS 814), and public administration (NAICS 92) are excluded. While most government establishments are excluded, the following are included: government sponsored wholesale liquor establishments (NAICS 4248), retail liquor stores (NAICS 44531), book publishers (511130), federally-chartered savings institutions (NAICS 522120), federally-chartered credit unions (NAICS 522130), and hospitals (NAICS 622).

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