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Demographic Economic Data Explorer -- DEDE
  -- basic feature set 1 video companion

This section provides a "textual narration" for the Demographic Economic Data Explorer, or DEDE, basic feature set 1 video.
.. access this text narration:
.. access the video:

Welcome to the Demographic Economic Data Explorer (DEDE)!

The Demographic Economic Data Explorer, or DEDE,
  • is a Windows based application
  • that enables the user to create custom "geostatistical" datasets
  • using mainly API calls to statistical data servers.

About. See more detail about DEDE at

In the video we examine use of the most basic operation.

Benefits/Purpose. One main benefit is that you can create datasets containing
  • the subject matter that you want
  • for the geography that you choose
  • from the statistical program that you choose.

  • the output dataset is structured in dBase or Excel.
  • it is ready to use with any "next step" application software.

  • There are thousands of subject matter items from ACS 2020 alone.
    .. that is just one annual iteration of one Census Bureau program
  • There are thousands of subject matter items from BLS QCEW alone.
    .. updated quarterly
  • DEDE provides the capable, fast and easy solution to meet your needs.
    .. the above are just two examples; Census 2010, 2020 and many others.
    .. it updates "all the time" with new, updated, extended data.

Start-up Example. At start-up, DEDE automatically creates a dataset
  • for a selected "subject matter itemset" set of subject matter items
  • for each/all Census 2020 census tracts in California
  • using data from the 2020 American Community Survey (ACS 2020) 5-year estimates
  • those data are displayed in the grid.
  • the dbf file is available on your hard disk.
  • you have successully pulled off just the data you need from the server.

Illustrative Operation. Using the DEDE User Interface [shown on screen] the user clicks the Start button to extract selected data, show in grid and create a local dataset. We will review that operation here. With DEDE running (we illustrate this live here in the video),
  • Select statistical program (dropdown)
  • Select geographic level (dropdown)
  • Select "subject matter itemset" file
  • Click Start button
  • Processing starts; grid populates

Availability. DEDE is frequently updated with both features and as new data become available.
  • DEDE is available on a subscription basis.
  • Contact us for more details.

Install/Start Using. Run the DEDE Installer.

FAQ. Comments on selected topics.

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