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Visual analysis with ProximityOne tools
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visually analyze clients/markets
site analysis using 1 mile radius


$median household income
patterns by census tract - Houston

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113th Congressional Districts

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US Asian Indian population 2010

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geocoded students and school
McKinney ISD, TX

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geocoded students and school
with tax parcels & streets

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high school attendance zones
with schools by type

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%high school graduates by
census tract - Puerto Rico

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Austin, TX MSA counties &
places 10K+ population markers

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Appalachia counties (green) &
coalfield counties (orange)

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China provinces percent urban &
cities (markers) by state plan

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Honolulu census tracts (red)
& census blocks

Central Park area NYC

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Kansas City Metro & Counties
Home Depot locations (markers)

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World Cities; focus on Spain

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This section is focused on quarterly time-series establishment summary data sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Employment & Wages (CEW) program and augmented by ProximityOne. We integrate these data with other demographic-economic-geographic data for use in development of Situation & Outlook demographic-economic estimates and projections.

Use the illustrative interactive ranking table in this section to view/rank/compare metros using data from the quarterly census of employment and wages.

Updated Quarterly
These are most timely data on establishment, employment and earnings available at the county and metro levels. Data are collected directly from employers and cover 99.7% of the private sector wage & salary employment. Updated quarterly, there is a 5-to-6 month lag between the data reference date and date of availability. The illustrative ranking table shows data for annual 2010, 2010q1, 2010q2, 2010q3, 2010q4.

This section is one part of a ProximityOne focus on establishments. Related topics:
  • Establishment Database & Information System (EDIS) -- location features used in Outlook and DMD
  • Outlook Demographic-Economic Projections (Outlook) -- quarterly & annual projections; patterns of change
  • Digital Map Database (DMD) -- establishment location analysis

Illustrative Metro Establishments, Employment & Earnings Interactive Table
  Click column header to sort; click again to sort other direction.
  Click ShowAll between queries. See usage notes below table.
  Click CBSA link in first row of a metro to view detailed S&O E-E-E profile; example -->
  See related Ranking Tables Main Page

Usage Notes
The table shows metros by economic sector. The table is sized so that the number of rows in a view corresponds to the number of economic sectors for a metro.

Owner/Industry Selection (OwnInd). Examine the financial services sector across all metros ... click ShowAll button. Select 'Svc-Financial..' using the OwnInd dropdown below table. Note that the table now shows one row for each metro. Click the AnnPay10 (average annual pay, 2010) column header twice. See that the Bridgeport MSA had 2010 average annual pay of $225,762 in this industry.

OwnInd Values -- Owner-Industry Selection/Dropdown
  Total, all industries
      Goods-Natural Resources and Mining
      Svc-Trade, Trans and Util
      Svc-Financial Activities
      Svc-Professional and Business Svc
      Svc-Education and Health Svc
      Svc-Leisure and Hospitality
      Svc-Other Services

Find in Name. Click ShowAll first. Click Find in Name button and the view refreshes with a profile for the San Diego MSA. The Find in Name performs an exact text query on the text contained in the edit box to right of Find in Name button. Click ShowAll button to refresh between queries.

Column Selection
  • 11Q1 .. shows left identifier columns followed by 2011Q1 columns.
  • All Cols .. shows all columns (original state)

Column Headers/Descriptions
Each row contains the items described below. Data columns are organized by time period: 2010, followed by 2010Q1, then 2010Q2 and so on. Use the scrollbar below the table to examine columns to the right. Left 6 columns remain static.

Code -- CBSA code
IndName -- Industry Name (see above)
Own -- Owner code (1-total, 2-Fed, 3-St, 4-LocGov, 5-Private)
Agg -- industry aggregation level code
2010 Annual Data ...
  d1 -- 2010 annual disclosure code (N if data suppressed)
  Est10 -- establishments, 2010
  Emp10 -- employment, 2010
  Aww10 -- average weekly wages, 2010
  AnnPay -- Average Annual Pay, 2010
2010 Quarterly Data ...
  d2 -- 2010 1st quarter disclosure code (N if data suppressed)
  Est10q1 -- establishments, 1st quarter
  Emp10q1 -- employment, 1st quarter
  Aww10q1 -- average weekly wages, 1st quarter
  d3 -- 2010 2nd quarter disclosure code (N if data suppressed)
  Est10q2 -- establishments, 2nd quarter
  Emp10q2 -- employment, 2nd quarter
  Aww10q2 -- average weekly wages, 2nd quarter
  d4 -- 2010 3rd quarter disclosure code (N if data suppressed)
  Est10q3 -- establishments, 3rd quarter
  Emp10q3 -- employment, 3rd quarter
  Aww10q3 -- average weekly wages, 3rd quarter
  d5 -- 2010 4th quarter disclosure code (N if data suppressed)
  Est10q4 -- establishments, 4th quarter
  Emp10q4 -- employment, 4th quarter
  Aww10q4 -- average weekly wages, 4th quarter
2011 Quarterly Data ...
  d6 -- 2011 1st quarter disclosure code (N if data suppressed)
  Est11q1 -- establishments, 1st quarter
  Emp11q1 -- employment, 1st quarter
  Aww11q1 -- average weekly wages, 1st quarter
Additional Information
ProximityOne develops geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Follow ProximityOne on Twitter at Contact ProximityOne (888-364-7656) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest.

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