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Economic Prosperity by ZIP Code Area
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Based on the American Community Survey 2015 5-year estimates (ACS1115), ten ZIP Code Areas had a median household income of $250,000 or more during 2011-15. More than 20 ZIP code areas had a median housing value of $2,000,000 or more and 140 ZIP code areas with median housing value of $1,000,000 or more. This section reviews measures of economic prosperity for all ZIP code areas. See the list of all ZIP ccdes showing median household and related measures in the interactive table shown below. Use the interactive table to view, rank, compare and query ZIP code attributes.

  • See 2018 subject matter updates to this section.
  • Use the cloud-based Visual Data Analytics Mapserver
      .. view ZIP code demographic patterns .. nothing to install .. no cost.

Examining demographic-economic characteristics by ZIP code is important for several reasons. We are familiar with our own ZIP codes as a geographic location. We tend to be interested in our area compared to other areas. ZIP codes provide an easy way to do that. Also, many secondary data resources are tabulated by ZIP code area; some important data are only available by ZIP code. See more about ZIP Code areas.

Resources & Methods to Examine Small Area Demographics
  • Same table layout but data based on ACS 2013 5 year data.
  • Extended ACS 2015 data interactive table.
  • The interactive table below relates the ZIP code and corresponding city;
    .. see city characteristics in this related set of city tables.
  • Further extended ZIP Code Demographic-Economic Interactive Tables
  • See related Census Tract Code Demographic-Economic Interactive Tables
  • Examine ZIP Code Urban/Rural Characteristics
  • Examine ZIP Code Business Establishment patterns
  • Examine ZIP Code Housing Price Index patterns
  • Join us in the weekly Data Analytics Lab Sessions
    .. reviewing applications using these and related data.

Top 100 ZIP Code Areas Based on Median Household Income
The following graphic shows locations of the ZIP code areas with the highest median household income.

View developed with CV XE GIS software. Click graphic for larger view.

Code with Highest Economic Prosperity
The three ZIP code areas having at least 5,000 population with highest economic prosperity, based on median household income ($MHI) and median housing value ($MHV) are shown below for each state. In the states MT, ND, SD, VT and WY, the population threshold was reduced to 2,000 due to the relatively large number of smaller population ZIP codes.

ZIP CodePopulation Median
  City Click Map
Larger View
3522310,660117,371458,600   Birmingham
3576315,282101,668244,800   Owens Cross Roads
3521313,92596,328497,000   Birmingham
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
9951621,459142,054430,000   AnchorageAK
9957728,56599,628328,500   Eagle RiverAK
995679,85396,913333,500   ChugiakAK
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
8526210,385124,848649,500   ScottsdaleAZ
8525317,115121,4961,083,400   Paradise ValleyAZ
850457,381120,313360,100   PhoenixAZ
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
7221213,18195,276262,300   Little RockAR
7222322,13990,266331,000   Little RockAR
7271246,38772,369186,000   BentonvilleAR
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
940277,244236,5002,000,001   AthertonCA
9402423,050186,9851,858,000   Los AltosCA
940286,686186,6412,000,001   Portola ValleyCA
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
800077,537130,556464,300   ArvadaCO
8023813,194129,233445,500   DenverCO
8010824,912123,750490,400   Castle RockCO
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
0688310,373217,171865,500   WestonCT
0682021,392208,9061,279,900   DarienCT
068707,386191,1761,368,000   Old GreenwichCT
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
198077,098129,167718,600   WilmingtonDE
1970715,531115,609403,400   HockessinDE
19733251103,229-1   Saint GeorgesDE
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
2001516,331161,352913,400   WashingtonDC
200041,667135,859492,000   WashingtonDC
2001635,101124,080850,000   WashingtonDC
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
33109602250,001-1   Miami BeachFL
331587,325147,014496,000   MiamiFL
334739,189134,831454,600   Boynton BeachFL
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
314118,113106,797456,100   SavannahGA
3000538,887106,516360,000   AlpharettaGA
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
9682118,914113,990937,500   HonoluluHI
9682529,416109,719757,700   HonoluluHI
9670745,77197,096486,300   KapoleiHI
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
8371616,65783,479233,000   BoiseID
8361624,54481,369321,900   EagleID
837127,94666,402314,000   BoiseID
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
600228,486183,352874,800   GlencoeIL
6004520,514159,077824,100   Lake ForestIL
6052117,938156,679820,000   HinsdaleIL
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
4603337,229120,226303,300   CarmelIN
4681412,285114,074266,200   Fort WayneIN
4607727,040109,124338,100   ZionsvilleIN
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
5032312,169126,653287,400   UrbandaleIA
524117,094118,100280,800   Cedar RapidsIA
502265,644105,321251,800   Polk CityIA
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
6622412,714150,000427,200   Overland ParkKS
6622116,467134,000388,900   Overland ParkKS
662207,547133,936378,600   LenexaKS
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
4051311,188116,440326,100   LexingtonKY
4005917,986114,097380,500   ProspectKY
4024532,896105,791306,200   LouisvilleKY
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
7044710,73097,119244,800   MadisonvilleLA
7076939,32388,573211,300   PrairievilleLA
7047121,40986,975277,000   MandevilleLA
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
040216,009104,267309,700   Cumberland CenterME
041079,022101,458378,100   Cape ElizabethME
0410511,58798,517388,200   FalmouthME
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
2085450,494192,649895,800   PotomacMD
2102911,802182,157661,400   ClarksvilleMD
2081616,581173,438902,100   BethesdaMD
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
0249311,850199,5191,170,400   WestonMA
024685,713196,2501,015,100   WabanMA
020305,814185,542976,500   DoverMA
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
4837415,316147,536367,800   NoviMI
4816822,001130,269368,200   NorthvilleMI
4830215,520127,068389,200   Bloomfield HillsMI
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
553867,175128,676371,300   VictoriaMN
554398,928122,619460,400   MinneapolisMN
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
3911039,90997,947248,800   MadisonMS
3867212,80491,597191,600   SouthavenMS
3904738,29077,102179,700   BrandonMS
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
6300517,602153,190537,900   ChesterfieldMO
6313117,446130,026491,800   Saint LouisMO
6411312,251125,995312,900   Kansas CityMO
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
596344,79487,625317,300   ClancyMT
593232,37582,143135,500   ColstripMT
5910614,87777,246316,400   BillingsMT
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
681189,078115,938243,600   OmahaNE
685265,676113,500278,900   LincolnNE
6813527,671102,842207,700   OmahaNE
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
8913814,120106,130340,500   Las VegasNV
895198,13199,405387,700   RenoNV
8981514,42491,031215,400   Spring CreekNV
New Hampshire
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
0311021,659131,490374,800   BedfordNH
0303111,291120,476334,200   AmherstNH
030497,733117,708410,100   HollisNH
New Jersey
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
0707812,855250,0011,228,100   Short HillsNJ
0855019,282182,204604,900   Princeton JunctionNJ
0704312,890176,917667,000   MontclairNJ
New Mexico
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
8712218,660112,808452,400   AlbuquerqueNM
8754417,939101,934274,200   Los AlamosNM
882427,52383,524159,500   HobbsNM
New York
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
100076,876250,0011,682,200   New YorkNY
102825,730250,0012,000,001   New YorkNY
105776,486216,2501,159,900   PurchaseNY
North Carolina
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
282079,666127,729778,200   CharlotteNC
2751947,083123,276361,300   CaryNC
273107,099105,962316,600   Oak RidgeNC
North Dakota
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
580473,80298,947257,600   HoraceND
580421,74494,342216,300   HarwoodND
5880125,75891,109209,400   WillistonND
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
4423625,557118,991287,600   HudsonOH
4302111,553116,477352,300   GalenaOH
4306541,266115,542302,000   PowellOH
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
7302513,160126,422297,100   EdmondOK
7301231,03493,641194,400   EdmondOK
7413727,38985,061282,100   TulsaOK
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
9703419,290104,571577,300   Lake OswegoOR
9722962,132100,823416,800   PortlandOR
9722112,32394,961460,400   PortlandOR
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
190666,001193,804649,900   Merion StationPA
190858,563188,977808,000   VillanovaPA
1942514,462149,375456,500   Chester SpringsPA
Rhode Island
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
028746,621120,139387,000   SaunderstownRI
0280616,280108,776394,300   BarringtonRI
0292112,21798,666331,700   CranstonRI
South Carolina
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
2970828,863100,641275,100   Fort MillSC
2949211,80193,781461,600   CharlestonSC
2946632,19387,229359,500   Mount PleasantSC
South Dakota
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
5710819,47188,025269,700   Sioux FallsSD
570201,60880,656164,800   CrooksSD
570645,57980,233187,200   TeaSD
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
3813916,319129,382362,700   GermantownTN
3702753,242119,570456,000   BrentwoodTN
3706919,614111,829379,500   FranklinTN
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
7609228,371182,951556,300   SouthlakeTX
770948,897170,069337,100   HoustonTX
7700527,187166,203836,600   HoustonTX
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
8409818,301114,159615,400   Park CityUT
840608,006105,553871,600   Park CityUT
8409229,853101,162359,300   SandyUT
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
054453,822114,861480,200   CharlotteVT
054827,628100,550369,900   ShelburneVT
050553,34298,750434,000   NorwichVT
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
2206618,366226,3861,048,200   Great FallsVA
2203918,126201,563772,900   Fairfax StationVA
2210129,867179,743944,400   Mc LeanVA
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
9807523,363150,301647,600   SammamishWA
9807426,530145,262574,500   SammamishWA
9807714,246137,900601,800   WoodinvilleWA
West Virginia
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
2531416,10178,456205,600   CharlestonWV
2540313,58675,544200,800   MartinsburgWV
2541417,25473,963223,900   Charles TownWV
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
531226,077115,382354,600   Elm GroveWI
5321729,38399,268303,000   MilwaukeeWI
5359321,24096,793304,300   VeronaWI
ZIP CodePopulation$MHI$MHV   CitySt
830143,70991,2501,052,500   WilsonWY
829414,72488,320256,600   PinedaleWY
8271825,33587,873226,400   GilletteWY

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