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Site Analysis
Demographic Characteristics
1/2 mile Radius around a Location
based on Census 2020 Blocks
see details below

Arizona State & Regional Decision-Making Information (SRDMI)

This section provides information on accessing and using the Arizona State & Regional Decision-Making Information (SRDMI) database and GIS Project. This Geographic Information System (GIS) project is developed/maintained by ProximityOne using the ProximityOne CV XE GIS software. Use this GIS project to develop wide-ranging reference and analytical views and perform geospatial analyses; see examples below. Add your own data/layers. See about the SRDMI structure and content.

Using Arizona SRDMI with VDA Web GIS
.. patterns of median household income (ACS2020) by Census 2020 census tract
.. zoom-in to Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix area) showing map/table view
.. query geoid like '04013%' and mhia20>200000 applied
.. Maricopa County tracts where median household income is greater than $200,000

.. see notes on creating this type of view below

SRDMI Access, Use & Support
The SRDMI GIS project may be used with:
CV XE GIS desktop software
• Visual Data Analytics (VDA) Web GIS
• See Start-up details for each version
• Support: join in any/all weekly web sessions
    .. get answers to questions; discuss applications

VDA Web GIS has been developed by Warren Glimpse/ProximityOne/Alexandria, VA USA and Takashi Hamilton/Tsukasa/Osaka, Japan. All that is required to use VDA is a Web browser. Smartphones are supported. VDA uses the same core structure as CV XE GIS.

Users .. goto top
Anyone can use the SRDMI on a subscription basis.
Members of the Arizona SRDMI user group may use the Arizona SRDMI at no fee. This group includes:
• Arizona University faculty, staff or students
    .. including Extension Division operations
• Potentially other Arizona state & regional stakeholders as the program evolves
This is an indefinite access/use feature subject to modification at any time. See terms of use.

Arizona SRDMI GIS Project - Start-up View .. goto top
The start-up view shows patterns of economic prosperity based on American Community Survey 2020 average household income (ACS 2020) data by census tract.

.. click graphic for larger view.

See related illustrative graphics below the layer descriptions.

Arizona SRDMI GIS Layers .. goto top
The layers included in the GIS project are shown in the legend panel in the above graphic and described in more detail below.
Name Description
States U.S. by State
K-12 Schools ES Arizona K-12 schools E
K-12 Schools MS Arizona K-12 schools M
K-12 Schools HS Arizona K-12 schools H
118th Congressional Districts 118th Congressional Districts
Congressional Communities Congressional Communities
Primary Roads U.S. Primary Roads
AZ Detailed Roads Arizona Detailed Roads
.. TIGER 2021 Edges/Roads intersection to intersection
AZ City/Place Name Arizona City/Place
AZ City/Place Arizona City/Place
County 1 U.S. by County
School Districts Arizona school districts
AZ Blocks 2020 Pop Arizona Census 2020 census blocks
AZ Block Groups $MHI Arizona Census 2020 block groups
AZ Tract Code Arizona Census 2020 census tracts
fieldname description
GEOID 2020 geocode (c11)
TRACT 2020 tract code
CSA 2020 CSA
ALANDSQMI Land area, SqMi
AWATRSQMI Water area, SqMi
INTPTLON Longitude
POPSQMI Population per SqMi, Census 2020
POP20 Total population, Census 2020
POP120 Total population, one race, Census 2020
WH20   White alone, Census 2020
BL20   Black alone, Census 2020
AI20   American Indian/Alaska Native alone, Census 2020
AS20   Asian alone, Census 2020
NH20   Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander alone, Census 2020
OR20 Other race alone, Census 2020
MR20 Multirace, Census 2020  
HS20 Hispanic (of any race), Census 2020
WHNH20 White NonHispanic, Census 2020
BLNH20 Black NonHispanic, Census 2020 
GQ20 Group Quarters, Census 2020
GQI20 Group Quarters, noninstitutional, Census 2020
GQN20 Group Quarters, institutional, Census 2020 
HSGUNIT20 Housing units, Census 2020
OCCUNIT20 Housing units, occupied, Census 2020
VACUNIT20 Housing units, vacant, Census 2020
TOTPOPA20 Total population, ACS20
MPOPA20 Male population, ACS20
FPOPA20 Female populaiton, ACS20
TOTPOP Total population, ACS20 (redundant)
AGE0004A20 Population age 0-4, ACS20
AGE0509A20 Population age 5-9, ACS20
AGE1014A20 Population age 10-14, ACS20
AGE1517A20 Population age 15-17, ACS20
AGE1819A20 Population age 18-19, ACS20
AGE2020A20 Population age 20-20, ACS20
AGE2121A20 Population age 21-21, ACS20
AGE2224A20 Population age 22-24, ACS20
AGE2529A20 Population age 25-29, ACS20
AGE3034A20 Population age 30-34, ACS20
AGE3539A20 Population age 35-39, ACS20
AGE4044A20 Population age 40-44, ACS20
AGE4549A20 Population age 45-49, ACS20
AGE5054A20 Population age 50-54, ACS20
AGE5559A20 Population age 55-59, ACS20
AGE6061A20 Population age 60-61, ACS20
AGE6264A20 Population age 62-64, ACS20
AGE6566A20 Population age 65-66, ACS20
AGE6769A20 Population age 67-69, ACS20
AGE7074A20 Population age 70-74, ACS20
AGE7579A20 Population age 75-79, ACS20
AGE8084A20 Population age 80-84, ACS20
AGE85UPA20 Population age 85up, ACS20
WHITE1A20 White alone, ACS20
BLACK1A20 Black alone, ACS20
AIAN1A20 American Indian, Alaaka Native alone, ACS20
ASIAN1A20 Asian alone, ACS20
NHOPI1A20 Native Hawaiian & OPI alone, ACS20
OTHER1A20 Other race alone, ACS20
MULTIA20 Multirace, two or more races, ACS20
HISPA20 Hispanic (of any race), ACS20
POP65UPA20 Population ages 65 years and over, ACS20
POPHHA20 Population in households, ACS20
HHA20 Households, ACS20
FAMA20 Families, ACS20
POP25UPA20 Population ages 25 years and over, ACS20
HSGRADMA20 High school graduates, male, ACS20
HSGRADFA20 High school graduates, females, ACS20
TOTHSGA20 Total housing units, ACS20
OWNOCCA20 Owner occupied housng units, ACS20
RNTOCCA20 Renter occupied housng units, ACS20
VACANTA20 Vacant housing units, ACS20
MHIA20 Median household income, ACS20
MFIA20 Median family income, ACS20
MHVA20 Median housing value, ACS20
MDRENTA20 Median rent, ACS20
GINIA20 Gini index, ACS20
HPI2017 Housing Price Index, 2017, FHFA (where computed)
HPI2018 Housing Price Index, 2018, FHFA
HPI2019 Housing Price Index, 2019, FHFA
HPI2000 Housing Price Index, 2020, FHFA
HPI2021 Housing Price Index, 2021, FHFA
medagea20 Median age, ACS20
mhia20 Median household income, ACS20 (redundant)
ahia20 Average household income, ACS20
eaada20 Pop 25+, Associate's degree, ACS20
eaadpa20 Pop 25+, Associate's degree, percent, ACS20
eabda20 Pop 25+, Bachelor's degree, ACS20
eabdpa20 Pop 25+, Bachelor's degree, percent, ACS20
eagda20 Pop 25+, Graduate or professional degree, ACS20
eagdpa20 Pop 25+, Graduate or professional degree, percent, ACS20
hsgha20 High school graduate or higher, ACS20
hsga20 High school graduate or higher, percent, ACS20
bdha20 Bachelor's degree or higher, ACS20
bdhpa20 Bachelor's degree or higher, percent, ACS20
AZ Tract $MHI Label Arizona Census 2020 census tracts
AZ Tract $MHI Pattern Arizona Census 2020 census tracts
County 2 U.S. by County
BaseLayer Global OpenStreetMaps base layer
States1 States

Patterns of $MHI by Tract -- Zoom-in to Maricopa County .. goto top
.. see color patterns by $MHI (median household income) range in legend panel.
.. illustrates use of select/identify to to view profile for selected tract (at pointer)

Patterns of $MHI by Tract -- Further Zoom-in to Maricopa County .. goto top
.. illustrates use of labels by tract
.. upper label tract code .. lower label $MHI
.. illustrates use of detailed roads layer

K-12 Schools in Context of $MHI by Tract -- Maricopa County .. goto top
.. illustrates use markers to shows K-12 school locations

Site Analysis -- Census 2020 Blocks in 1/2-mile Radius Circle .. goto top
.. click marker and drag to radius; or cherry pick
.. Chapparal High School; Scottsdale, AZ blue triangle
.. selected blocks -- intersecting with 1/2 mile radius circle shown as cross-hatched.
.. items selected to aggregate listed in top left listbox.
.. aggregate values shown for selected items in middle left listbox (59 blocks).
.. list of census block codes shown in lower left listbox.
.. there are 4,206 population in these 59 blocks.

SRDMI Start-up .. goto top
The SRDMI resources may be accessed/used by Windows desktop and/or Web version. The SRDMI project fileset has been developed using the CV XE GIS desktop and then ported to the VDA Web GIS for Web access/use.

CV XE GIS desktop software
  • about/usage
  • run installer .. register for id

Install SRDMI GIS project fileset

Visual Data Analytics (VDA) Web GIS
  • about/usage
  • Start VDA Web GIS:

Start VDA Web GIS:
.. Getting started/guide:
After login, select the Arizona SRDMI project

Using Arizona SRDMI with VDA Web GIS .. goto top
.. patterns of median household income (ACS2020) by Census 2020 census tract
.. zoom-in to Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix area) showing map/table view
.. query geoid like '04013%' and mhia20>200000 applied
.. Maricopa County tracts where median household income is greater than $200,000

Start VDA:
Select project: select Arizona SRDMI
.. map view appears
Change active layer (upper left dropdown) to Tracts Code (select that layer name)
Click far right button below map window (Query/Table)
.. grid appears below map
Click Select Field button below table/grid
.. check these items (geoid, pop20, mhia20) and click select, closing form
In the SQL Filter above table, key in: geoid like '04013%' and mhia20>200000
Click Query button on far right, same row.
.. now only 5 tracts show in grid (those meeting the query criteria)

Congressional Communities
select ccn20,pop20, 100*(pop20-whnh20)/pop20 where pop20>=60000

Terms of Use .. goto top
There is no warranty of any type regarding any aspect of data, software, resources, information described here. Software and/or data provided as described in this section may be distributed to others. The user of any of these resources, content, is solely responsible for their use. "No fee" users of resources described here are not authorized to use these resources for funded research. any for-fee applications, or provide a service to others.

Data provided with the CV XE GIS package are not authorized for use with other GIS software. GIS software is defined as Geographic Information System (GIS) software that can open a shapefile and display that shapefile as a map view.

Additional Information .. goto top
ProximityOne develops geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Follow ProximityOne on Twitter at Contact ProximityOne (888-364-7656) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest.

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