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ZIP Code Demographic Economic Business Data Analytics

July 2023 .. frequently updated information on tools & resources relating to developing, integrating, accessing and using geographic, demographic, economic and statistical data. Join in .. tip of the day posts are added to the Data Analytics Blog on an irregular basis, normally weekly. Follow the blog to receive updates as they occur.

The most recent estimates of demographic-economic data by ZIP Code are available from the American Community Survey (ACS2021) 5-year estimates and the 2020 Census.

Get a report for a ZIP Code area; replace 85253 in this link (twice), copy the whole link, paste in browser URL & enter.

Most data reviewed in this section are for ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) which are similar to but different from the USPS ZIP Codes used for mailing purposes. USPS ZIP codes are lines, not areas, have no geometrically defined (latitude-longitude) lines, and in general have no associated demographic-economic data (there are some exceptions reviewed below). USPS ZIP Codes typically refer to a street where mail is collect/delivered on each "side of the street." This is fundamentally different from a ZIP/ZCTA polygon which has a geometrically definded perimeter.

How to View/Relate ZIP Code and Cities/Metros
  • Use VDA Web GIS with County/Regional Trends Project
  • Start VDA Web GIS

  • Option 1 - Demographic-Economic Data Explorer tool: create ZIP Code datasets
  • Option 2 - VDA Web GIS: map and geospatially analyze ZIP codes
  • Option 3 - Access data using API Tools; create datasets.
        .. 3a - Extended ZIP Code subject matter access.
        .. 3b - ZIP code urban/rural data access.
  • Option 4 - Ready-to-Use ZIP Code Datasets
  • Option 5 - Site analysis - view circular area profile from a location/ZIP code.

Option 1. Use the Demographic-Economic Data Explorer (DEDE).
Create custom ZIP code demographic economic GIS friendly datasets.

Option 2. Use VDA Web GIS with Ready to Use ZIP Code Layers
  • Use VDA Web GIS with County/Regional Trends Project
  • Start VDA Web GIS

Option 3. Use the API operation:
- 5-year estimates for all ZIP codes
    these examples are based on ACS 2021
- simplest example uses two items:
    median household income ($MHI) is item B19013_001E.
    median housing value ($MHV) is item B25077_001E.
- click this link (updated for ACS 2021) to get/display $MHI, $MHV, ZIP Code using the API tool.
- this API call retrieves U.S. national scope data.
- a new page displays showing a line/row for each ZIP code (ZCTA).
- data displayed on each row: $MHI, $MHV, ZCTA.
- optionally save this file and import the data into a preferred program.

Option 3A
Extending option 3 ... accessing race, origin and $MHV for each ZIP code ...
  click on these example APIs to access data for all ZIP codes
  .. get extended subject matter for all ZIP codes
  .. get extended subject matter for two selected ZIP codes (64112 and 65201)

Items used in these API calls:
  .. B01003_001E - Total population
  .. B01001_011E -- Male: 25 to 29 years (illustrating age cohort access)
  .. B01001_035E -- Female: 25 to 29 years (illustrating age cohort access)
  .. B02001_002E - White alone
  .. B02001_003E - Black or African American alone
  .. B02001_004E - American Indian and Alaska Native alone
  .. B02001_005E - Asian alone
  .. B02001_006E - Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
  .. B02001_007E - Some other race alone
  .. B02001_008E - Two or more races
  .. B03001_003E - Hispanic (of any race)
  .. B19013_001E - Median household income ($)
  .. B19113_001E - Median family income ($)
Housing & Households
  .. B25001_001E - Total housing units
  .. B25002_002E - Occupied housing units (households)
  .. B19001_017E -- Households with household income $200,000 or more
  .. B25003_002E -- Owner Occupied housing units
  .. B25075_023E --- Housing units value $500,000 to $749,999 (owner occupied)
  .. B25075_024E --- Housing units with value $750,000 to $999,999 (owner occupied)
  .. B25075_025E --- Housing units with value $1,000,000 or more (owner occupied)
  .. B25002_003E - Vacant housing units
  .. B25077_001E - Median housing value ($) - owner occupied units
  .. B25064_001E - Median gross rent ($) - renter occupied units

Option 3B
Extending option 3 ... accessing urban/rural status by ZIP code area ...
  click on the API URL below to access the Census 2020 total, urban population and rural for all ZIP code areas.
  these data are not from ACS but from the Census 2020 "Demographics & Housing Characteristics" file
  .. get extended subject matter for all ZIP codes

Option 4. Ready to Use ZIP Code Datasets (XLS) .. goto top

U.S. ZIP Code Census 2020 Demographic Profile Dataset .. $495
Census 2020 with supplementary subject matter and geocodes/arenames
.. one row per ZIP Code/ZCTA

  DP1_0001C   Total populati
  DP1_0002C     under 5 yea
  DP1_0003C  ....5 to 9 years
  DP1_0004C  ....10 to 14 years
  DP1_0005C  ....15 to 19 years
  DP1_0006C  ....20 to 24 years
  DP1_0007C  ....25 to 29 years
  DP1_0008C  ....30 to 34 years
  DP1_0009C  ....35 to 39 years
  DP1_0010C  ....40 to 44 years
  DP1_0011C  ....45 to 49 years
  DP1_0012C  ....50 to 54 years
  DP1_0013C  ....55 to 59 years
  DP1_0014C  ....60 to 64 years
  DP1_0015C  ....65 to 69 years
  DP1_0016C  ....70 to 74 years
  DP1_0017C  ....75 to 79 years
  DP1_0018C  ....80 to 84 years
  DP1_0019C  ....85 years and over
    ....Selected Age Categories
  DP1_0020C  ......16 years and over
  DP1_0021C  ......18 years and over
  DP1_0022C  ......21 years and over
  DP1_0023C  ......62 years and over
  DP1_0024C  ......65 years and over
  DP1_0025C  ..Male population
  DP1_0026C  ....Under 5 years
  DP1_0027C  ....5 to 9 years
  DP1_0028C  ....10 to 14 years
  DP1_0029C  ....15 to 19 years
  DP1_0030C  ....20 to 24 years
  DP1_0031C  ....25 to 29 years
  DP1_0032C  ....30 to 34 years
  DP1_0033C  ....35 to 39 years
  DP1_0034C  ....40 to 44 years
  DP1_0035C  ....45 to 49 years
  DP1_0036C  ....50 to 54 years
  DP1_0037C  ....55 to 59 years
  DP1_0038C  ....60 to 64 years
  DP1_0039C  ....65 to 69 years
  DP1_0040C  ....70 to 74 years
  DP1_0041C  ....75 to 79 years
  DP1_0042C  ....80 to 84 years
  DP1_0043C  ....85 years and over
    ....Selected Age Categories
  DP1_0044C  ......16 years and over
  DP1_0045C  ......18 years and over
  DP1_0046C  ......21 years and over
  DP1_0047C  ......62 years and over
  DP1_0048C  ......65 years and over
  DP1_0049C  ..Female population
  DP1_0050C  ....Under 5 years
  DP1_0051C  ....5 to 9 years
  DP1_0052C  ....10 to 14 years
  DP1_0053C  ....15 to 19 years
  DP1_0054C  ....20 to 24 years
  DP1_0055C  ....25 to 29 years
  DP1_0056C  ....30 to 34 years
  DP1_0057C  ....35 to 39 years
  DP1_0058C  ....40 to 44 years
  DP1_0059C  ....45 to 49 years
  DP1_0060C  ....50 to 54 years
  DP1_0061C  ....55 to 59 years
  DP1_0062C  ....60 to 64 years
  DP1_0063C  ....65 to 69 years
  DP1_0064C  ....70 to 74 years
  DP1_0065C  ....75 to 79 years
  DP1_0066C  ....80 to 84 years
  DP1_0067C  ....85 years and over
    ....Selected Age Categories
  DP1_0068C  ......16 years and over
  DP1_0069C  ......18 years and over
  DP1_0070C  ......21 years and over
  DP1_0071C  ......62 years and over
  DP1_0072C  ......65 years and over
  DP1_0073C  ..Both sexes
  DP1_0074C  ..Male
  DP1_0075C  ..Female
  DP1_0076C  ..Total population
  DP1_0077C  ....One Race
  DP1_0078C  ......White
  DP1_0079C  ......Black or African American
  DP1_0080C  ......American Indian and Alaska Native
  DP1_0081C  ......Asian
  DP1_0082C  ......Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
  DP1_0083C  ......Some Other Race
  DP1_0084C  ....Two or More Races..
  DP1_0085C  ..Total races tallied
  DP1_0086C  ....White alone or in combination with one or more other races
  DP1_0087C  ....Black or African American alone or in combination with one or more other races
  DP1_0088C  ....American Indian and Alaska Native alone or in combination with one or more other races
  DP1_0089C  ....Asian alone or in combination with one or more other races
  DP1_0090C  ....Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone or in combination with one or more other races
  DP1_0091C  ....Some Other Race alone or in combination with one or more other races
  DP1_0092C  ..Total population
  DP1_0093C  ....Hispanic or Latino (of any race)
  DP1_0094C  ....Not Hispanic or Latino
  DP1_0095C  ..Total population
  DP1_0096C  ....Hispanic or Latino
  DP1_0097C  ......White alone
  DP1_0098C  ......Black or African American alone
  DP1_0099C  ......American Indian and Alaska Native alone
  DP1_0100C  ......Asian alone
  DP1_0101C  ......Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
  DP1_0102C  ......Some Other Race alone
  DP1_0103C  ......Two or More Races
  DP1_0104C  ....Not Hispanic or Latino..
  DP1_0105C  ......White alone
  DP1_0106C  ......Black or African American alone
  DP1_0107C  ......American Indian and Alaska Native alone
  DP1_0108C  ......Asian alone
  DP1_0109C  ......Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
  DP1_0110C  ......Some Other Race alone
  DP1_0111C  ......Two or More Races
  DP1_0112C  ..Total population
  DP1_0113C  ....In households
  DP1_0114C  ......Householder
  DP1_0115C  ......Opposite-sex spouse
  DP1_0116C  ......Same-sex spouse
  DP1_0117C  ......Opposite-sex unmarried partner
  DP1_0118C  ......Same-sex unmarried partner
  DP1_0119C  ......Child [2]
  DP1_0120C  ........Under 18 years
  DP1_0121C  ......Grandchild
  DP1_0122C  ........Under 18 years
  DP1_0123C  ......Other relatives
  DP1_0124C  ......Nonrelatives
  DP1_0125C  ....In group quarters..
  DP1_0126C  ......Institutionalized population:
  DP1_0127C  ........Male
  DP1_0128C  ........Female
  DP1_0129C  ......Noninstitutionalized population:
  DP1_0130C  ........Male
  DP1_0131C  ........Female
  DP1_0132C  ..Total households
  DP1_0133C  ....Married couple household
  DP1_0134C  ......With own children under 18 [3]
  DP1_0135C  ....Cohabiting couple household:
  DP1_0136C  ......With own children under 18 [3]
  DP1_0137C  ....Male householder, no spouse or partner present:
  DP1_0138C  ......Living alone
  DP1_0139C  ........65 years and over
  DP1_0140C  ......With own children under 18 [3]
  DP1_0141C  ....Female householder, no spouse or partner present:
  DP1_0142C  ......Living alone
  DP1_0143C  ........65 years and over
  DP1_0144C  ......With own children under 18 [3]
  DP1_0145C  ....Households with individuals under 18 years
  DP1_0146C  ....Households with individuals 65 years and over
  DP1_0147C  ..Total housing units
  DP1_0148C  ....Occupied housing units
  DP1_0149C  ....Vacant housing units
  DP1_0150C  ......For rent
  DP1_0151C  ......Rented, not occupied
  DP1_0152C  ......For sale only
  DP1_0153C  ......Sold, not occupied
  DP1_0154C  ......For seasonal, recreational, or occasional use
  DP1_0155C  ......All other vacants
  DP1_0156C  ..Homeowner vacancy rate (percent) [4]
  DP1_0157C  ..Rental vacancy rate (percent) [5]
  DP1_0158C  ..Occupied housing units
  DP1_0159C  ....Owner-occupied housing units
  DP1_0160C  ....Renter-occupied housing units

U.S. ZIP Code Demographic-Economic Dataset .. $495
ACS2021 with supplementary subject matter and geocodes/arenames
.. one row per ZIP Code/ZCTA

  TOTPOPA21  Total Population
  MPOPA21  Male
  FPOPA21  Female
  WHITE1A21  White alone
  BLACK1A21  Black or African American alone
  AIAN1A21  American Indian and Alaska Native alone
  ASIAN1A21  Asian alone
  NHOPI1A21  Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
  OTHER1A21  Some other race alone
  MULTIA21  Two or more races
  HISPA21  Hispanic (any race)
  POP65UPA21  Population 65 years and over
  POPHHA21  Population in Households
  HHA21  Total Households
  FAMA21  Family Households
  POP25UPA21  Population 25 years and over
  HSGRADMA21  High school graduate (Male, age 25+)
  HSGRADFA21  High school graduate (Female, age 25+)
  TOTHSGA21  Total housing units
  OWNOCCA21  Owner occupied units
  RNTOCCA21  Renter occupied units
  VACANTA21  Vacant units
  MHIA21  Median Household Income
  MFIA21  Median Family Income
  MHVA21  Median housing value
  MDRENTA21  Median gross rent
  GINIA21  Gini Index of Income Inequality
  HPI2010  Housing Price Index, 2010
  HPI2011  Housing Price Index, 2011
  HPI2012  Housing Price Index, 2012
  HPI2013  Housing Price Index, 2013
  HPI2014  Housing Price Index, 2014
  HPI2015  Housing Price Index, 2015
  HPI2016  Housing Price Index, 2016
  HPI2017  Housing Price Index, 2017
  HPI2018  Housing Price Index, 2018
  HPI2019  Housing Price Index, 2019
  HPI2020  Housing Price Index, 2020
  HPI2021  Housing Price Index, 2021
  StCty  County FIPS Code A5
  ZIPNAME  ZIP Code Name
  ZIPCTYP20  ZIP County Population, C20
  ZIPCTYPART  ZIP County Part, C20
  CtyName  County Name
  CTYCLASS  County Class
  CtyClass  County Feature Class Code
  CSA2020  Combined Statistical Area Code, 2020
  CBSA2020  Core-Based Statistical Area Code, 2020
  CBSANAME  CBSA Name 2020
  CBSAMEMI  CBSA Type, 2020

ZIP Code Relationship & Reference Files

ZIP Code Area to County to Metro Data File .. $495
See more about these data.
.. one row per intersecting ZIP Code/ZCTA

2020 ZIP/ZCTA to Place Equivalence file

  • 2020 ZIP/ZCTA to Place .. description

Option 5. View 5- and 10-mile circular area profile from ZIP (80204) center.
- profile dynamically made using SiteReport tool.
- with SiteReport running, enter the ZIP code, radii and click Run.
- comparative analysis report is generated in HTML and Excel structure.
- Click this link to view resulting profile.
- from the profile, site 2 is 1.9 times the population of site 1.
- Site 1 $MHV is $296,998 compared to Site 2 $MHV $269,734.
- GIS view with integrated radius shown below.

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Additional Information
ProximityOne develops geodemographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Follow ProximityOne on Twitter at Contact us (888-364-7656) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest.

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