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As the economy and demographics change, so does the importance of having the most relevant, accurate, and usable decision-making information to achieve visions for performance and goals. Disparate, wide-ranging, and unconnected data, requires knowledge, methodology, and tools that can transform these data into decision-making information solutions. These are among factors that led to the establishment of ProximityOne and foundation for its operation. See selected recent topics below in this section.

Our Focus
We develop, provide access to, and analyze "resources to create and apply insight." Our geographic-demographic-economic data and analytical tools can help you knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. Our demographic-economic estimates and projections can help you better understand the current situation/area characteristics and how areas of interest might change in the future. We offer geocoding tools and services to geocode address data that can then be visually analyzed in maps and otherwise to facilitate impact and geospatial analyses.

Data Analytics
Our resources are focused on helping clientele:
  • know more about the current situation & opportunities
  • better understand the how, when, where & what will change and by how much
  • the impact of change

Extend data analytics capabilities in your organization. Learn more about data analytics methods and resources. See about the Certificate in Data Analytics.

Clientele include private and public sector organizations located worldwide. Some clients use only our data, others software only or integrated software and data, others services such as custom estimates/projections and yet others services like geocoding or impact analyses/studies. We work with consultants, developers, academia, Federal government, state government, local government, schools, associations, small and large businesses with wide-ranging products, services and operations.

Products and Services
Our primary product/service areas include:
  • Situation & Outlook (S&O) integrated demographic-economic-business database and analysis system
  • CVXE geographic information system tools for visual and geospatial analysis
  • APIGeocoder -- geocode address data; attach demographic-economic data to locations
  • Modeler tools to develop custom estimates and projections
  • Demographic-Economic Data Extraction API tools to create your own mulitsourced data
  • Establishment Database and Information System -- tools to analyze individual establishments
  • Digital Map Database -- resources for location processing/analysis; logistical applications

Using ProximityOne Website Resources
We have an application focus in several areas. Many of these are highlighted on the home page --
  • States
  • Metropolitan areas
  • Counties
  • Congressional Districts
  • Schools, School districts & K-12 education
  • Cities/places

Small area demographic-economic analysis:
  • ZIP Codes
  • Census tracts
  • Census block groups
  • Census blocks

Use the SiteMap to locate a topic of interest --

Demographic-Economic Estimates & Projections
We develop a range of demographic-economic estimates and projections of national scope.
  • Access demographic projections to 2020
  • S&O long-term projections to 2060
  • S&O 5 year annual projections to 2020
  • S&O 3 year quarterly projections to 2018

Digital Geographic Data Resources
Visit the Digital Map Database (DMD) section to learn more about accessing and using digital geographic data resources in shapefile structure and related geographic data.

Geocoding Tools & Services
Geocoding is the processing of determining the latitude-longitude and/or geocodes for mailing addresses. We provide services to assist clients with geocoding needs. We use the geocoding tools that are part of the CVXE GIS tools -- More about geocoding and geocoding tools --

Integrating Federal Statistical System Resources
Visit the scroll box on the right side of the home page to learn more about U.S. Federal statistical system resources available on the ProximityOne website --

Reference Resources
  • SiteMap --
  • Guide to Data Resources --
  • Glossary --

Interactive Data Access/Analysis Tools
Use the extensive array of interactive tables to examine geography and subjects of interest:

Selected Recent Topics [goto top]
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Communicating with You
Ways we use to help communicate with you ...
  • What's New & Ahead
  • In the News ... posts to the left section of home page
  • Twitter and LinkedIn posts ... continuous flow in right section of home page

ProximityOne User Group
Join the ProximityOne User Group to keep up-to-date with new developments relating to metros and component geography decision-making information resources. Receive updates and access to tools and resources available only to members. Use this form to join the User Group.

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