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Resources: Software, Data & DMI Solutions from Proximity
Demographic Data Analyst & Census 2010 Summary File 1
School District Revenue & Expenditure Patterns
ZIP Code Demographics by City-Place
Tools to Analyze Census 2010 Single Year of Age Data
New Population Projections to 2020 Reflect Census 2010
America's Asian Population Patterns by Metro
State Age Patterns: 2000, 2010, Change 2000-2010
Housing Price Index State|Metro Updated
Census 2010 Group Quarters Population: Block & Tract
Census 2010 Demographic Profile Summary File
State to State Migration Flows in 2009
Children's Demographics by Enrollment Type by School District
Census 2010 ZIP Code Shapefiles & Demographics
Situation & Outlook Briefing Sessions
Examining Hispanic Population Patterns
Census 2010 Demographics for Census 2000 Geography
Personal Income & Economic Prosperity
Thematic Mapping & Geospatial Analysis: Census 2010 Blocks
County Monthly Employment Situation Updated
MetroView: Metro Situation & Outlook Updated
StateTrends Updated
State Monthly Employment-Unemployment Updated
Metro Establishments, Employment, Earnings Trends updated
Analyzing Metro Gross Domestic Product
Census 2000-2010 County Interactive Ranking Table
Census 2000-2010 School District Interactive Ranking Table
Census 2000-2010 Metros Interactive Ranking Table
Census 2000-2010 States Interactive Ranking Table
Census 2010 P.L. 94-171 Interactive Ranking Table
Census 2000/2010 Census Tract/Block Street Index (CTSI)
ACS 2009 All States-Counties Demographics Ranking Table
ACS 2009 All Cities-Places Demographics Ranking Table
Census 2000-ACS 2009 All US Census Tracts Demographics
Census 2010 Apportionment Data; 1910-2010 Maps & Data
Interactive Integrated Calendar
Webinars: Using/Integrating Census 2010 .. ACS .. TIGER
New School District Demographic Estimates
Using the Census 2010 TIGER/Line Shapefiles
Daytime Population by City
America's Veterans by Congressional District
Major Retailer Stores ... data for planning & management
Congressional Districts & the Employment Situation
Congressional Districts & Housing Markets
Children's Demographics by Type of Enrollment Universe
America's Charter Schools 2010
Rental Housing Market Conditions by Metro
Analyzing Disability Status by Metro
America's Urban Population 2000-2009
SiteMap to information resources & solutions
Congressional District Demographic Profiles
Health Insurance Coverage by Metro
ZIP Code Business Characteristics
ZIP Code to County & Metro Equivalence Table
DMILab -- Data Integration & Analysis Tools
Situation & Outlook Estimates & Projections
Census 2010/ACS Data Access Calendar
County-Metro-State Demographic Projections to 2020
State & County Births; Annual Update
America's Changing Birth Patterns
State-by-state K-12 schools ranking tables State-by-State School Ranking Tables
2010 ZIP Code Block Areas
Charter School Patterns
American Community Survey Data Access & Use
Graying of America by Metro
Analyzing Foreign-born Population by Region of Birth
China Decision-Making Information
Metropolitan Statistical Areas Guide
Final Metropolitan Statistical Area Updates Before Census 2010
DMIGateway Supports Access to Latest ACS Demographics
111th Congressional District 2008 Demographics
America's Largest K-12 Schools
School Age Children Not Enrolled in School
ProximityOne Enterprise
Using Census Tract GeoDemographic Shapefiles
Integrated Federal Statistical Data Access Calendar
Gallery Illustrates Wide-Ranging GIS Applications
County Diversity Patterns/Ranking Table
DMIGateway: Web access to multi-sourced Federal statistics
School District Commute Time to Work Ranking Table
School District Demographic Updates from ACS 2005-07
Texas Decision-Making Information Guide
Hawaii Decision-Making Information Guide
County Population Projections by Single Year of Age
Small Area Demographics & Neighborhood Change
Outlook 2050: U.S. population at mid-century
Healthcare Decision-Making Information
Associating Addresses with Neighborhood Demographics
MetroDynamics: premier tool for analyzing competitive position
State & Regional Decision Making Information
Creating Sustainable School Improvement
Mapfiles: Improved Analysis/Presentation Opportunities
Places 10-50K Outside UAs: how they are changing
State Demographic Projections to 2030
Children's Demographics: Projections & Trend Analysis
English Language Proficiency ... details for your county
School District Demographic Trends & ESEA Title I
More ...
Examining Diversity by Census Block
Census 2010 Demographic Analysis | Northern Virginia
Examining Patterns & Change
Applications Gallery

Census 2010
P.L. 94-171 .. DPSF .. Summary File 1
Modeler II & SF1 Data Analysis

American Community Survey
... access ACS data here ...
Demographic Estimates & Projections
Augmented TIGER/Line Data & Tools

  resources for analyzing
  metropolitan area change
  and competitive position

CommunityViewer GIS
  geographic information system
  geodemographic pattern analysis

Web-based pattern analysis solutions
click graphic to view interactive map

Situation & Outlook
  Assessing Demographic-Economic
  Patterns & Change


  augmented TIGER/Line files
  integrate multi-sourced data
  location-based tools & solutions

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